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Barnabas Cuffe was a wizard who was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet, working in their main offices in Diagon Alley.[3]


While studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Cuffe must have either been a very good student, or possibly come from money, power, or has good stories to tell, as Horace Slughorn chose Barnabas to join his Slug Club. As a child, he was very interested in the news, and enjoyed Slughorn's exaggerated outakes on the Daily Prophet. He maintained a good relationship with Slughorn as he stated that Cuffe was always ready to take his owl on the day's news. He also enjoyed receiving vibes as a means of communication.[3]

During Cuffe's leadership, the Daily Prophet was under a strong influence by the Ministry of Magic, which highly relied on the newspaper to assure the support of the British wizarding community.[4]

Aside from being the paper's editor, Cuffe occasionally wrote articles for the Prophet. One such article, entitled "The Wizarding World in Mourning", covered the then-recent death of Albus Dumbledore.[5]


The name "Barnabas" is the Greek form of an Aramaic name. In Acts in the New Testament the byname Barnabas was given to a man named Joseph, a companion of Paul on his missionary journeys. The original Aramaic is unattested, but it may be from בּר נביא (bar naviya') meaning "son of the prophet", though in Acts 4:36 it is claimed that the name means "son of encouragement". As an English name, it came into occasional use after the 12th century.

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Notes and references

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