"Barry Wee Willie Winkle celebrates his 755th birthday in style tonight by throwing a huge party for all the wizards and witches he has ever known. 30 million are expected to attend tonight."
—"Oldest Wizard is 755", The Daily Prophet, 14 August, 1991[src]

Barry Wee Willie Winkle (b. 14 August, 1236) was the oldest known wizard in the 1990s, when he reached the age of 755. To celebrate the occasion, he held a massive party, inviting every wizard and witch he had ever known, a total of thirty million people. It was one of the biggest parties in wizarding history. The scale of this party made Daily Prophet headlines in 1991.[1]


The name may be a reference to "Wee Willie Winkie", a Scottish poem about a boy who does not want to go to sleep.


Behind the scenes

  • How Winkle attained such an advanced age (older than even Nicolas Flamel, who had access to a Philosopher's Stone) is unknown. He may have possessed a Philosopher's Stone of his own, or otherwise staved off ageing through some other magical means, though this is pure speculation. It is of course possible that he was of unusually good health, even for a wizard, and reached this age naturally, though such a thing would be unheard of.
  • If every wizard and witch he has ever known attended his party, it means either that there were wizards older than him or that ghosts also attended it. It can also be assumed, however, that it included only wizards and witches who were still alive.
  • Giving the Daily Prophet's habit for exaggerating or fluffing up details or putting in their own biased assumptions on matters to make them more intriguing, it is unknown - perhaps even unlikely - whether or not the amount of individuals attending a simple party to have actually been in the millions. In addition, Barry Winkle's exact age may also be an exaggeration.

Notes and references

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