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Minister Basil Flack was Minister for Magic in 1752. He may have been appointed a temporary acting Minister instead of being elected by the Wizarding population due to the crisis of the goblin rebellions.

He was the Minister for Magic with the shortest term as of 2014, only holding the office for two months. He resigned the post after the goblins joined forces with the werewolves, presumably as part of the same rebellion that sparked his predecessor Albert Boot's resignation.[2]


Basil is a given name derived from the Greek βασιλεύς, meaning "king". Flack is an alternate spelling of the word flak, which is English slang for "adverse criticism".


Notes and references

  1. According to Pottermore, Nobby Leach (Minister for Magic between 1962 and 1968) was the first Muggle-born wizard ever to be appointed to the office.
  2. Writing by J.K. Rowling: "Ministers for Magic" at Wizarding World

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