"Thick dust crunched beneath their feet, and Harry's nose detected, underneath the dank and mildewed smell, something worse, like meat gone bad."
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This home in Godric's Hollow served as the dwelling of Bathilda Bagshot, famed magical historian and author of A History of Magic. She was murdered by Lord Voldemort during the height of the Second Wizarding War, and after her murder her home went into disarray, with no one to care for it.[1]


Early history

Bagshot presumably lived in the house beginning at least in the late nineteenth century, as she is known to have lived in the town during the 1890s, when her great-nephew Gellert Grindelwald stayed with her briefly.[1]


Some time after Bathilda's death in 1997, her home was filled with the odours of old age, dust, unwashed clothes, and stale food. The sitting room was filled with candle stubs perched precariously on stacks of books and side tables covered in dirty dishes. Though the room also contained a fireplace, it remained very dark within even when lit. To one side of the room was a bow-legged chest of drawers on which there stood a large number of silver picture frames. Of these, half-a-dozen of the most large and ornate were missing, likely stolen by Rita Skeeter, who had interviewed a largely senile Bathilda some time before while working on her book, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. At least one of the photographs, kept near the back of the collection, was of Grindelwald.[1]

Coming off of the sitting room was a hall, in which was a steep and narrow staircase. These led to an upper landing, to the right of which was a low-ceilinged bedroom. The bedroom contained at least one curtained window, underneath which was a cluttered dressing table and an unmade bed.[1]

A considerable amount of the building's interior was destroyed during a fight between Harry Potter and the Horcrux snake Nagini on 24 December, 1997.[1]


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