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Beatrice Haywood was an English half-blood witch and the younger sister of Penny Haywood.


Beatrice was born in London, United Kingdom in 1976 or 1977, to a Muggle father and a Muggle-born witch mother. She had an older sister named Penny, born four years before her.

Whenever Beatrice did not like what she got from Christmas crackers, Penny always gave her her own.[1]

Beatrice had a tendency to wander off, and had gone missing at least once before her Hogwarts years.[2]

Hogwarts years (1988-1995)

First year

Beatrice imprisoned in a portrait on the Grand Staircase

Beatrice started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September 1988 and was sorted into Hufflepuff house. Shortly after the Sorting Ceremony, she met Jacob's sibling, a good friend of Penny's. Beatrice was a big fan of the individual and wanted to go on a curse-breaking adventure with them. Beatrice gave them a toy Puffskein, she had made during the summer.[3]

Later during the school year, Beatrice went missing. She ended up inside a painting in the Grand Staircase. She was found by Merula Snyde, who informed Jacob's sibling, Penny, Bill Weasley and Patricia Rakepick about the discovery. None of them managed to free her and not even the combined might of Professors Rakepick, McGonagall and Flitwick were able to do so either. They came to the conclusion that Beatrice getting stuck into a painting was due to a Cursed Vault. Beatrice has specifically become trapped in the portrait due to a Portrait curse being unleashed.[4]

Near the end of the year, she was freed from the portrait and went to the Clock Tower Courtyard with her sister. Due to her experience in the portrait and Rakepick's betrayal, she did not feel safe around Hogwarts.[5] Beatrice also attended William Weasley's graduation celebration in the Three Broomsticks Inn despite not being old enough to go to Hogsmeade.[6]

Second year

Beatrice and Ismelda playing with Puffskeins

Beatrice spent the summer between her first and second years reading "grown-up" books and becoming more distant from Penny. This made Penny feel sad, as she missed being close with her sister.[7]

She did not attend the Start-of-Term Feast that year.[8] She also started hanging out with Ismelda Murk.[7] She restyled her hair to resemble Ismelda’s. The two spent time tossing Puffskeins.

Throughout much of the year, Beatrice frequently clashed with Penny, who worried about her and wanted to be close to her again, while Beatrice wanted to become a different person and make her own friends, and not be bothered by Penny. The sisters came to a tearfully emotional partial reconciliation in the aftermath of Rowan Khanna's death.[9]

When Jacob and Jacob's sibling found Beatrice floating unconscious in the lake, they brought her to the Hospital Wing. When Penny and Jacob's sibling visited her, she said she went to the lake because she had been having nightmares, saw a giant tentacle and dived in to possible find out more about the last cursed vault. When Jacob's sibling and Penny were alone, the former suggested asking Snape to figure out Beatrice's nightmares.

Snape tried using Legilimency to make sense of them, but found it difficult to tell nightmares from reality. However, afterwards Beatrice and Jacob's sibling had a heart-to-heart over a game of gobstones, forged the beginning of their friendship and helped Beatrice move on from her trauma, allowing her to make peace with her tormented imprisonment last year.[10]

Before the third meeting of the Circle of Khanna, Penny caught up with Beatrice and Jacob's sibling and learned how they are managing to move on together.[11]

Physical appearance

As the younger sister of Penny Haywood, Beatrice bore a resemblance to her, with fair skin and blue eyes, although Beatrice's hair was short and a slightly darker shade of blonde.

In her second year, she restyled her hair to resemble Ismelda Murk, covering her left eye. Her hair colour also changed to a more platinum blonde, becoming paler than Penny's rather than darker.

Beatrice was biologically several months younger than she was chronologically, as she did not age while trapped in a portrait.[12]

Personality and traits

"I sewed you a toy Puffskein. They're cute, but tough. Just like me."
— Beatrice Haywood[src]

Beatrice, at first glance, was similar to her older sister: kind, friendly, affectionate, and excitable. The sisters deeply loved one another and spent a lot of time together. However, Beatrice seemed a shade more adventurous and eager.

"I'm sure she's told you how disappointed she is that I'm not walking around like a Mini Penny anymore."
— Beatrice Haywood[src]

In her second year, after being trapped in a painting for most of her first year, her personality developed a bit of a sullen edge and she grew apart from her sister. It seemed that Penny's prediction in the previous year became true; Beatrice became tired of her big sister watching over her. Beatrice became close friends with notoriously vicious Ismelda Murk, admired the serial rulebreaker and shady dealer Jae Kim, was excited to be sent to detention and fought Penny many times over the year.

Behind the scenes

  • Beatrice has a conditional cameo appearance in the performance of Equinox Enchanted. Murphy McNully, Penny Haywood, and Jacob's sibling's love interest were the three persons sitting in one of the front rows, from left to right. However, if Jacob's sibling chose Penny, she would take the place of the love interest on the right while Beatrice take the middle seat.[13]


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