Beatrice Haywood was a half-blood witch and the younger sister of Penny Haywood.


Beatrice was born in London, United Kingdom in 1976 or 1977, to a Muggle father and a Muggle-born witch mother. She had a older sister named Penny, born four years before her.

Beatrice had a tendency to wander off, and had gone missing at least once before her Hogwarts years.[2]

Hogwarts years (1988-1995)

First year


Beatrice in her first year

Beatrice started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September 1988 and was sorted into Hufflepuff house. Shortly after the Sorting Ceremony, she met a good friend of Penny's. Beatrice was a big fan of the individual and wanted to go on a curse-breaking adventure with them. Beatrice gave them a toy Puffskein she had made during the summer.[3]

Later during the school year, Beatrice went missing. She ended up inside a painting in the Grand Staircase. She was found by Merula Snyde, who informed Jacob's sibling, Penny, Bill Weasley and Patricia Rakepick about the discovery. None of them managed to free her and Professor Patricia Rakepick came to the conclusion that Beatrice getting stuck into a painting was due to a Cursed Vault. Beatrice has specifically become trapped in the portrait due to a Portrait curse being unleashed.[4]

Near the end of the year, she was freed from the portrait and went to the Clock Tower Courtyard with her sister. Due to her experience in the portrait, she did not feel safe around Hogwarts.[5] Beatrice also attended William Weasley's graduation celebration in the Three Broomsticks Inn despite not being old enough to go to Hogsmeade.[6]

Second year

Beatrice spent the summer between her first and second years reading "grown-up" books and becoming more distant from Penny. This made Penny feel sad, as she missed being close with her sister.[7]

She did not attend the Start-of-Term Feast that year.[8] She also started hanging out with Ismelda Murk.[7] She restyled her hair to resemble Ismelda’s.


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