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Beech (genus Fagus) is the common name for a genus of ten species of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae.[1]

There was a beech tree by the edge of the Black Lake, on Hogwarts Castle grounds.[3][4][5][6][7]


The true match for a beech wand would be, if young, wise beyond their years, and if full-grown, rich in understanding and experience. Beech wands performed very weakly for the narrow-minded and intolerant.[2]

Such wizards and witches, having obtained a beech wand without having been suitably matched (yet coveting this most desirable, richly hued and highly prized wand wood), had often presented themselves at the homes of learned wandmakers, demanding to know the reason for their handsome wand's lack of power. When properly matched, the beech wand was capable of a subtlety and artistry rarely seen in any other wood, hence its lustrous reputation.[2]


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