Bernadette's wand was made of an unknown wood, length, and wand core. It featured a carving of a head on the handle. The style and carvings of the wand may have indicated that it was a Shikoba Wolfe wand, and therefore had a Thunderbird feather core. The wand was destroyed in the Death Cell's Death potion.[1]


Bernadette used her wand during the intended execution of Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein. She extracted Tina's happiest memories and then planted them into the Death potion.

When Newt broke into battle with the executioners to rescue Tina with the help of his Bowtruckle Pickett and his Swooping Evil, He managed to cause the other female executioner to knock Bernadette out with a Stunning Spell by redirecting her wand at he and as a result, Bernadette's wand flew out of her hand and landed in to the potion, where it was destroyed when it incinerated and dissolved the moment it touched the potion.


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