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Arthur Weasley: "Oh, hello, Reg. Isn't your wife in for questioning today? Er - what's happened to you? Why are you so wet?"
Ron Weasley (as Reginald Cattermole): "Yaxley's office is raining. I couldn't stop it, so they've sent me to get Bernie - Pillsworth, I think they said - "
Arthur Weasley: "Yes, a lot of offices have been raining lately. Did you try Meteolojinx Recanto? It worked for Bletchley."
Arthur Weasley speaking to "Reginald Cattermole" (actually Ronald Weasley in disguise[src]

Bletchley was a Ministry of Magic employee whose office was hit by the indoor rain phenomenon that swept through the Ministry headquarters in September of 1997. The rain was successfully stopped in Bletchley's office with the spell Meteolojinx Recanto.[2]


Notes and references

  1. Given how he/she worked for the Death Eater controlled British Ministry of Magic, they would have not been Muggle-born.
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