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    Harry Potter Wiki

    May 20, 2019 by Kyle12ellis
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  • Hpkreator103

    Chapter 1. Voldemort Ascendant

    Chapter 2. The Beetle Animagus

    Chapter 3. Back to the Burrow

    Chapter 4. Alexis and Evangeline Darkstar

    Chapter 5. The Wedding

    Chapter 6. To Destroy a Diadem

    Chapter 7. Return to Diagon Alley

    Chapter 8. The Locket

    Chapter 9. Cleansing Harry

    Chapter 10. The Lestrange Vault

    Chapter 11. Albus the White

    Chapter 12. The Hogwarts Express

    Chapter 13. The Last Sorting

    Chapter 14. Rumours of War

    Chapter 15. The Hogwarts Army

    Chapter 16. Killing Umbridge

    Chapter 17. Darkstar Ascendant

    Chapter 18. Evangeline’s Helping Hand

    Chapter 19. The Battle of Caer Caënis

    Chapter 20. The Prince’s Tale

    Chapter 21. Endgame Discussions

    Chapter 22. The Battle upon the Mountain

    Chapter 23. The Flaw in the Plan

    Chapter 24. Cleaning Up

    Chapter 25. Back to Grimmau…

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  • RainbowBubbles3

    For the probably very few users who know which pages I edit, you will see that my main interest is the houses. There is a huge amount of students in each house that were 'seen walking around during the 1993 - 1994 school year'. This was in the Prisoner of Azkaban PS2 game. As I do not own this game, I would like to know something. Were these students faces seen? They do not have pictures in their Infoboxes so I assume they were not physically seen, so how are they known? (I'm talking about students such as Rosalyn Ewhurst, Nathaniel Douglas, Michael Frimley and Mildred Peebles).

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  • Beverlyjones


    April 22, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Inogen is Merlin’s daughter. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was Sorted Into Slytherin House. She made a lot of Horcruxes in order to live a very long time. This story made the newspaper.

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  • Beverlyjones

    Dudley Evans-Dursley is a YouTube channel based on Dudley Dursley.

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  • Beverlyjones

    Harry Evans-Potter

    April 21, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Harry Evans-Potter is a YouTube channel based on Harry Potter.

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  • ShinySuicune


    April 20, 2019 by ShinySuicune

    Do you?

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  • Beverlyjones

    Liam Aiken

    April 12, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Liam Aiken is an American actor. He was considered to play Harry Potter, but J.K Rowling wanted a British cast (Aiken previously worked with Chris Columbus in Stepmom).

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  • Beverlyjones


    April 11, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Mangiafuoco is a puppet master. In the 1991–1992 school year, he, Beverlyjones and Albus Dumbledore agreed to let the former’s Neutral Pinocchios help guard the Philosopher's Stone, along with Beverly’s Dirgah Hagrid.

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  • Sammm鯊

    Artist credits

    April 8, 2019 by Sammm鯊

    Skippable clarifications lmao
    Documentation relocated from my User pages: First test 2 then test 3. While I'm in no danger of breaching Harry Potter Wiki:Editing Policy, a lot of duplicated images on HPW seemed to be used in User namespace; as there's no real way for me to estimate how they will affect my editing percentage when I eradicate the dupes, figured it doesn't hurt to minimize my own User page editing; plus, this makes locating the content easier. xP

    The following is a documentation of artists that contributed to Wizarding World (franchise), but have not have pages here on the wiki yet. I'm not saying they have to have pages here (though, according to Harry Potter Wiki:Notability guidelines#Real people, they really ought to), I'm just …

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  • Beverlyjones

    Rachel Claus

    April 2, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Queen Rachel Ariel Claus, also known as Grandmother Christmas, is Queen dowager of Father Christmas’s kingdom, Mother of Father Christmas, mother-in-law of Mrs Claus and paternal grandmother of Father Christmas’s daughter.

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  • HarryPotterWizardingFamilies

    Have any of you ever relized how important family trees are? Well I have! That's exactly my type of research. I like to find out more about my past and my unknown loved ones. I find out about Harry Potter character's pasts and research their family trees! Did you know that Molly Weasley,(aka: Mrs. Weasley) has 12 grandchildren and 7 children? I find that so fascinating! Also, Bellatrix Lestrange and Tom Riddle had a daughter together! That's so intriguing and weird. Well that's all for now! I'll be reporting more shocking news later!

    -HarryPotterWizardingFamilies :-)

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  • WikiKansel


    March 28, 2019 by WikiKansel

    What if Harry Potter was one, reallly long book and all 7 years of Hogwarts in this big book?

    I Want to make this idea, I guess. Why do the Harry Potter books need seven, books? I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably going to type there are seven years at Hogwarts which is made to seven books, that’s why. There are many reasons, but I should make enough things secret.

    There are 7 years in Hogwarts #REDIRECT 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year, 6th year, and the 7th year, Which May be a reason for the fact that there are seven books in the Harry Potter series. One, These are the most important years of any kid in Any Wizarding school in their life, as they are teaches from the Wingardium Leviosa spells to the Apparition t…

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  • Caden James Potter

    Who supports T Series?

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  • Caden James Potter


    March 25, 2019 by Caden James Potter

    Hey everyone it’s YA BOI CJP and this is my 1ST blog! On my blogs I will basically just talk about nerdy stuff.

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  • Beverlyjones


    March 16, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Matilda is a children’s book written by British author Ronald Dahl.

    One fan pointed out that Matilda is the story of Hermione Granger if she was raised by the Dursley family. Mara Wilson tweeted saying that she “can see it,” saying that Matilda would “be split between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw before joining the former.” Other people have theorised that Matilda is Hermione’s favourite Muggle book.

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  • Thesachinsapkal


    March 16, 2019 by Thesachinsapkal
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  • Loco123456

    Hello everyone,

    "Restore the Magic," a nonprofit organization needs help in reaching their goal of 10,000 signatures on their petition by May 1, 2019. The petition is to help in making the dream of the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" come to life. Please sign the petition, and also, please share it with friends, family, and others who'd like this dream to become a reality.

    Link to petition:

    Thank you.

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  • Beverlyjones

    U know, that talking mirrors exist like the one in Snow White? Well, I thought of Janus Galloglass (the Mirror-maker in the Wizarding world) making Mirrors for Petunia Dursley and Squibs, called Not-So-Magic Mirrors, to help them cope with not being magical.

    Edit: I know the title says “HARRY’S,” but, I originally thought of this mirror being for Harry if he was a Squib, but I decided for it to be for Aunt Petunia and the Squibs.

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  • Oerk


    March 3, 2019 by Oerk


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  • Oerk

    2000 Edits

    February 20, 2019 by Oerk

    As it reads. Again.

    Oerk (talk) 20:41, February 20, 2019 (UTC)

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    February 17, 2019 by Molly Weasley54

    To your ultimate demise. I am Molly Weasley

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  • HufflepuffGirl23

    Leta Lestrange a pureblood witch was born in 1896-1900. She was engaged to Thesus Scamander in 1920s. She has brown eyes and hair. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Thesus's younger brother Newton  (Newt) Scamander and was sorted into Slytherin house. Newt was sorted into Hufflepuff. In Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Gellert Grindewald we find out that Credence Barbone is her half- brother Corvous Lestrange. 

    Gabrielle Elenore Delacour sister of Fleur Isabelle Wealsey (nee:Delacour) was born on July 31st 1985 or July 30th 1986 to Monsieur and Apolline Delacour. She has veela ancenstry. Her eyes are Dark Blue and she has silvery blonde hair. She's played by Angelica Mandy

    Comment down below who you want me to do next …

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  • MichaelCooper69


    February 2, 2019 by MichaelCooper69


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  • Beverlyjones

    Petunia Lockhart

    February 1, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Has anyone noticed that Gilderoy Lockhart’s sisters are quite like Petunia Dursley? All 3 of them are the non-magical siblings of a magical person and their parents (or mother, in Lockhart’s case) favoured the magical child over the non-magical children. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first name of one of the sisters was Petunia. I’ve done some fan art which I will upload later.

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  • HermioneAuthor

    Recently, I went to visit the New York Historical Society Harry Potter exhibit. And wow, was I blown away! Original artwork, notebooks, and manuscripts by J.K. Rowling, original unpublished artwork by Jim Kay, Mary GrandPre, Brian Selznick, and more! I think it is a definite must do oppurtunity for any die hard Harry Potter fan like myself. 


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  • Sammm鯊

    Help appreciated

    January 29, 2019 by Sammm鯊

    Unfortunately, with }} files on Harry Potter Wiki, keeping track of what I think I've seen dupes of has become more and more threatening to my browser performance and consequently my laptop performance if I continue to keep tabs open for items I described above.

    Placing them in a separate documentation seemed the easiest way to go about it. For people who don't know, there's User blog:Sammm鯊/Duplicate images and Forum:Treatment for similar images for confirmed dupes.

    As for the needed help, I'll probably elaborate on it later lol, first unloading my browser's burden. xP

    (so far, in no particular order)

    • R = by recollection
    • F = by filename

    • ' = clear, looks 100% unaltered as copyright is displayed on metadata
    • ' = may need replacement (altered but with no p…

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  • HufflepuffGirl23
    Delphi Diggory is Bellatrix and Lord Voldemort's daughter

    JK Rowling and Harry Potter have a shared birhtday. 

    She invetned the Hogwarts houses on a barf bag. how odd

    The Dementors are based on her struggle with depression of her mother's death. 

    She creted Quidditch after a fight with her boyfriend. She used five full notebooks with Q words until she settled with Quidditch which we all now love. So thanks JK Rowling. 

    The wizarding world's plants come from a real book .

    A proposed title for Harry Potter and philosphers stone was Harry Potter and the school of magic. 

    Rowling made compliacted outlines for the books. 

    This is sad but Arthur Weasley was supposed to die. 

    Helena Bomham Carter kept her Bellatrix teeth. 

    WTH but Dumbledore was gay.


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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper

    I am the Malayan Pit Viper.

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  • Dishitabhattacharya

    i g

    January 19, 2019 by Dishitabhattacharya
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  • Unicorn22

    We all know that Slytherin produced more dark wizards than any other house. We know that some extremely rude people *cough*Draco*cough* are Slytherins. But the idea that all Slytherins are evil is simply an overgeneralization.

    Ambition, one of Slytherin’s defining traits, does not make a person completely good or completely evil. Ambition is simply having many goals that are difficult to achieve. Those goals can be good or evil. For example, Voldemort’s ambitious goal to kill Harry Potter is what makes him evil, not the fact that he’s a Slytherin. So, while most Slytherins (in history) have chosen evil ambition, some Slytherins have chosen good ambition, such as starting a business or refurbishing houses for wealthy couples.

    In conclusion, i…

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  • HarryPotterAddict14

    Hi all,

    I just found myself getting into discussions (arguments) over some of my most unpopular Harry Potter opinions? (For example: J.K.R. needs to STOP ADDING ONTO THE STORY on Twitter and the Snape/Lily vs James/Lily is pointless because it is turning Lily into a prize.) I wanted to know if anyone on here has any opinions they wanted to share. 

    - Zaina

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  • Beverlyjones

    I’ve watched the first 2 Fantastic Beasts and some people, including me, think that Jacob Kowalski is a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff.

    Let me explain the reasons why:

    • “Kowalski” means “Son of Smith” and many of Hufflepuff’s descendants come from the Smith family.
    • Jacob owns a bakery, which sells food and Hufflepuff is known for her recipes and food related Charms.
    • Jacob is warm, welcoming and knows where his loyalties lay, he didn’t cowardly turn to Grindelwald’s side like Credence and Queenie did.

    Now Kowalski being Hufflepuff’s descendant means he was descended from a Squib who married a Muggle.

    All of this means he was destined to be introduced into the Wizarding world and be friends with a Hufflepuff.

    So do you guys agree with me? Is Jacob t…

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  • Oerk

    1000 Posts

    January 5, 2019 by Oerk

    as it reads

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  • Sammm鯊

    Duplicate images

    December 31, 2018 by Sammm鯊

    For those who don't know, to me, batch delete is actually a lot more easy; so please excuse me for organizing the to-be-deleted first, instead of outright deleting them on demand =] they will be taken care of, though.
    --Sammm✦✧(talk) 05:49, January 8, 2019 (UTC)

    Previously included within another blogpost. For dupes that have been fully taken care of, see the below #Popular images and its subsections lol. Will list out how many dupes previously existed and respective file names.

    The purpose of still displaying the taken-care-of images, is in the hopes that, by chance, people may browse and find the images they wanted to use already present on HPW, thus not uploading dupes. Yes, chances are slim, I know. lol User blog namespace probably also is…

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  • Cupheadgenderbend


    December 28, 2018 by Cupheadgenderbend

    Hi guys I’m Jae and I’m proud that say I’m a gryffindor 🦁! Also, I have 3 other friends that are gryffindor, 1 in Hufflepuff, 2 in Ravenclaw and 1 in Slytherin. I know. Why am I friends with a Slytherin? Idk. It’s a mystery! I also enjoy watching these and I recommend all of them.. 1.Tessa Netting 2.Thebakeey 3.DanTDM 4.itsfunneh

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  • Your.nan.14


    December 26, 2018 by Your.nan.14

    Hey, I'm Ethan, and I'm a Slytherin through and through, I'm annoyed at JK Rowling's writing after The Prince's Tale, and that Harry should have felt more emotion for Snape, who wasn't that bad.

    My favourite book is The Half-Blood Prince, and my fave film has to be Deathly Hallows part one, though the order of the phoenix is a close call.

    I don't know what this blog is for, it's just for fellow slytherins who aren't Dark Wizards, because they aren't that common in the world.

    Post your replies or whatever, and it should be alright :).



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  • Nordic child

    Hey,I'm Ellis. I am sorted Gryffindor, I love Sirius Black, and I am still waiting for my lost Hogwarts letter.

    Soooooo, Basicly I love Harry Potter. I have A HUGE crush on Newt Scammander. Any TRACE oof him in the book I will go crazy over. I hope this year (or the rest of it at least) is fun. I am still exploreing the wiki bt I will get there!

    Yours Truly,


    Nordic child

    P.S. Sorry if this dosen't work right I am still tring to figure things out. Bear with me. Thanks.

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  • Lord Soldemort

        There are many people at Hogwarts here are some estimations of how many people are there...

    Students at Hogwarts

    We know from the Harry Potter Books that there are about 5 - 6 Gryffindor boys in Harry's Year, so we can times that number by 2 to get all the Girls and Boys in Gryffindor house in Harry's Year than we can times this number by 7 to find all the people in Gryffindor House than we can times this by 4 to get all the kids in all the Houses at Hogwarts...

    Which comes to these numbers:

    Estimation of Kids at Hogwarts
    336 with 6 boys in Harry's year in Gryffindor

    280 with 5 boys in Harry's year in Gryffindor  

    Which would make sense with all Classes being with two houses in them... 

    Teachers and Others at Hogwarts

    there are 13 classes at Hog…

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  • Kintobor

    I hope that there will be no film adaptation of it. Also, the movie spinoffs of Harry Potter are completely unnecessary. I wish they never made it into the production.

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  • Emmy290


    November 26, 2018 by Emmy290

    I want to know if there is a discord. if there is one tell me, please.

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  • Unicorn22

    Fantastic Beasts 2 Ships!

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    Norvus (Nagini + Corvus): I mentioned in an earlier post that this ship is not canonical (and people who have read my anti-ship rants may have noticed that I only condemned non-canonical ships), but there’s a spark in Corvus’ mysterious heart that makes me realize that he and Nagini could work (unless Nagini gets trapped in snake form, of course). Nagini probably doesn’t know that Corvus has a crush on her, but he might tell her.

    Quacob (Queenie + Jacob): Listen, I KNOW for a fact that a marriage between Queenie and Jacob is illegal and I also know that Queenie’s alliance with Grindelwald will take up most, if not all of, her time, but Queenie and Jacob are such cheerful people. They are extremely happy when they are around each other. Also…

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  • Unicorn22

    Toward the end of Fantasic Beasts 2, we see Nicolas Flamel. He was called on to stop Grindelwald from destroying a Parisian graveyard, but when he gets there he does nothing. Right after he gets there, we go to the adult Newt Scamander & Friends Hogwarts scenes.

    So please,can anyone explain why we just reintroduce an old character and when their time to do something important comes, we skip to a new setting?

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  • Unicorn22

    Theories About Corvus

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    In Fantastic Beasts 2, we were introduced to Corvus, a boy longing to discover his past and his name. It was revealed that Corvus is a Dumbledore but is being hunted by Grindelwald because he is capable of extremely powerful dark magic.

    I believe that Corvus is going to have to pick Dumbledore or Grindelwald’s side. It will be a mental battle of family vs. the only guy who understands me. I think it’ll take awhile for Corvus to discover that Grindelwald is a liar, for Grindelwald has deceived however many people showed up at his conference (probably 750).

    Corvus is in love with Nagini, who is a Maledictus. She has the ability to turn into a snake, but will one day stay in snake form. She was in snake form when we met her in the Harry Potter …

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  • Unicorn22

    Dumbledore and Grindelwald were friends for a long time, but when Dumbledore realized he had to kill Grindelwald for the world’s well-being, how did he feel? I imagine he felt righteous after doing the deed, for he saved many innocent muggles from being meaninglessly murdered. But I also believe he felt sad, for he had just murdered his best friend and first crush.

    What do you think? Share your theories in the comments.

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  • Unicorn22

    The Logic Behind Romione

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    The reason why Romione is arguably the best relationship in the Harry Potter fandom is because not only did Ron and Hermione know each other for so long, they have corresponding Patronuses. Ron’s patronus is a Jack Russell terrier. Hermione’s patrnous is an otter. Jack Russell terriers chase otters.

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  • Ligia Vázquez
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    , brave, courageous, daring, adventurous, chivalrous – those are the traits of a true Gryffindor. Gryffindors fight for what is right and they are usually the ones at the head of the pack when it comes to doing something brave or something that takes nerve. Most Gryffindors have several other good qualities that often make them well-suited to other houses. However, they choose Gryffindor because that is where they want to be.


    Knowledge, creativity, intelligence, wisdom, and cleverness – those are the qualities of a Ravenclaw. The smartest and most clever people can be found in this house. They always strive to do what is wise. They also have a good sense of humor and are often quirky. They lead through wisdom and they will…

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  • Master of Energy

    Talk Page

    November 19, 2018 by Master of Energy

    How do you turn a message wall into a talk page?

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  • Smv21

    Fantastic Beasts Movie Ranking

    November 16, 2018 by Smv21

    1. Where to Find Them

    2. Crimes of Grindelwald

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