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The Bloomsbury Harry Potter website is Bloomsbury Publishing's official website for the U.K. releases of the Harry Potter books. Launched in 2001, the site features information about both the books and author J. K. Rowling, as well as bonus features such as games and printable bookmarks and posters.

In June 2012, Bloomsbury launched a contest on the site, a search for the UK and Ireland's biggest Harry Potter fan. The contest was open to residents of those regions.


The website as of 8 July, 2012

The website as of 4 September, 2021

  • Author - A biography of J. K. Rowling with news updates, a press photo circa 2007, and a video interview with Rowling regarding The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Subsections include additional interviews and videos, as well as details on awards won.
  • Books - Details on each book in the main series, an archive of all U.K. releases, and a glossary describing key terms and characters from the series.
  • Fun Stuff - Includes the games Magical Matches and Harry Potter Connection, as well as computer desktop wallpapers, printable bookmarks and posters
  • Video - selected videos regarding Harry Potter launches, promotions and interviews with Rowling

Behind the scenes

  • During a 2007 web chat on Bloomsbury's website, a technical glitch caused it to appear as if J. K. Rowling answered a fan's question before it was asked. Regarding this, Rowling joked that she was "clearly getting better at Legilimency".[1]

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