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Bly was a Dark Wizard and a lemur Animagus.[2]


Lottie Turner: "Who are you?"
Bly: "You may recognise me by my other form, by that old fool's side."
Lottie Turner: "Bly? You're an Animagus..."
Bly: "I had to follow that doddering wizard for so long. At first it was a hunt like all the others, but when I realised what we were hunting... I couldn't let him have it!"
Lottie Turner: "You were controlling Professor Gorski?"
Bly: "Yes! He lost his mettle. He wasn't willing to do what had to be done to find the artefact."
— Bly revealing himself to Lottie Turner[src]

During his life, Bly searched for a treasured artefact which turned out to be the Turner family's heirloom and murdered Lottie Turner's father for it.[2]

"And this is my... umm... "assistant", Bly. He has a nose for shiny things."
— Professor Gorski introducing Bly in his Animagus form (a lemur) to his students[src]

Bly in his Animagus form, a lemur

Bly put the Imperius Curse on Jakub Gorski, the visiting History of Magic Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and transformed into his lemur Animagus form to disguise as Gorski's animal assistant. At one point, he came down to the Chamber of Secrets in his human form, likely in search of Basil Aurelius III's portrait, and when Basil alerted him to a group of students who were talking to Basil at the time, Bly animated a snake statue in the chamber to attack the students before fleeing. He also accompanied Gorski in his Animagus form when he came to the students to check out their progress of the assignment on various occasions.[2]

Once in his Animagus form in the History of Magic Classroom, he controlled Gorski to say "I'm always watching" and bewitch suits of armour to attack the students, who was confronting Gorski about his suspicious activities. He then left, still in his Animagus form but with a wand in his hand, which befuddled the students.[2]

When the students, including Lottie Turner, led the way to the heirloom, Bly showed up in his human form and dragged Lottie through the final barrier, a magical mirror, and forced her to open the heirloom's container, revealing the heirloom to be a brush. Her friends met up with them and they had a fight. At the end, Bly, mistaking the brush to be a wand, attempted to use it against them, but of course failed.[2]

Personality and traits

Bly was a dangerous Dark Wizard who had persistently searched for a mysterious artefact for years, and who was cruel enough to kill Lottie Turner's father and use the Imperius Curse on Jakub Gorski for some time to get it. He was very proud of his own magical abilities, and sufficiently power-hungry that he would go to great lengths to enhance them. His status as an Animagus showed that he could be patient, dedicated and hard-working when it suited him, and the deceptive manner in which he used said ability was also a testament to his clever, cunning side.[2]

Bly, like Lord Voldemort before him, was also very rigid in the sense that he only ever seemed to see magic as power and as means to an end, and could not contemplate a world where it was used for anything else, which ultimately led him to mistake the Turner family brush for a wand.[2]

Magical abilities and skills

"A bunch of children is no match for my magic!"
— Bly boasting about his magical prowess[src]
  • Dark Arts: Bly was capable of bewitching Jakub Gorski with the Imperius Curse,[2] one of the Unforgivable Curses which required much magical skill to perform.[3] Minerva McGonagall, herself a highly gifted witch who had used said spell herself in the past,[4] also noted the Imperius Curse as being the work of a very powerful wizard.[2]
  • Duelling: Bly was capable of duelling opponents in combat confidently, showing he was skilled with martial magic, as he proved himself easily capable of holding his own against several Hogwarts students simultaneously and was only defeated when he foolishly discarded his own wand in the place for one he thought to be more powerful, only to discover that it was in fact a wand-shaped painting brush, leaving him defenceless when Daniel Page cast the spell that overpowered him.[2]
  • Transfiguration: Bly was an Animagus who took the form of a lemur,[2] showing he had mastered the magic of Human Transfiguration, considering the difficulty and patience required in becoming one.
  • Nonverbal magic: Bly was capable of changing his attire with a simple wave of his wand without saying an incantation, along with the casting of offensive spells, showing he was proficient with nonverbal magic,[2] which was known to be difficult.


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Notes and references

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