The four 'Book of Spells' Challanges

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Each player is given a certificate for completing the challenges

With the impending release of Wonderbook: Book of Spells in November of 2012, the Pottermore production team at Sony devised a free game to illustrate the basic assets of Book of Spells.

The game is divided into five separate sections; the first is a short quiz in which the player answers questions on the most fundamental "wizarding values". Thereafter, they will learn the Water-Making Spell, the Fire-Making Spell and the Revealing Charm, each section being accompanied by a preview of Book of Spells. In the final section, the player enters their name and receives a certificate for completing the various challenges.

The game could initially be accessed via a link in the Pottermore Insider, but with the passage of time and the addition of more and more posts on said blog, it became more difficult to access, perhaps due to the fact that by the time the final section had been released, Wonderbook: Book of Spells had already been released.

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