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"In the Hogwarts Library, there is a Book with No Name. It tells the story of the wizarding world's past. For those willing to cast aside their fears and keep reading, the epic history of magic awaits you."
— Description[src]

The Book with No Name was a book in the Hogwarts Library that told the story of the history of the wizarding world interactively. It allowed the reader to assume the role of one of the characters in the story and experience the adventures they went through personally on the scene.[1]

Known contents


  • The trio getting past Fluffy. The reader would be Harry Potter, and could choose to fight Fluffy forcefully, or let the harp nearby continue to play to put Fluffy to sleep.[1]
  • The trio winning the Wizard's Chess game in the Chessboard Chamber. The reader would be Ronald Weasley and would have to sacrifice themself in order to continue.[1]
  • Harry Potter and Hermione Granger getting past the potion riddle. The reader would be Harry, and could choose to drink a potion to go through the black fire and let Hermione return through the purple fire, or drink another potion to return themself and let Hermione go through the black fire.[1]
    • If the reader went through the black fire, they would be Harry and fight Quirinus Quirrell.[1]
    • If the reader went through the purple fire, they then would switch to be Hermione and fight Quirrell.[1]



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