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The Bowtruckle Island was found in the Great Lake of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was to the south of Hogwarts Castle.[1]


Newt and Leta standing on this island

When he attended Hogwarts, Newton Scamander used to go to Bowtruckle Island. He gained the trust of the Bowtruckles, and they would play around him and jump on Newt. He watched the Bowtruckles and learned about their social lives. They would hide if they didn't know and trust a person who went into their habitat.[1]

In between February and June 1913, Newton Scamander found Leta Lestrange crying by the lake. He took her into Bowtruckle Island to cheer her up, and the Bowtruckles froze until they saw it was Newt. One jumped onto Newt's finger, and he began telling her about them but she zoned out while watching him and the Bowtruckles interact.[1]


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