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"A paunchy man, holding a large black camera that was smoking slightly, was watching Fleur out of the corner of his eye."
— Description[src]

Bozo was a photographer for the Daily Prophet. He appeared to be associated with Rita Skeeter.



"Out of the way, there. This is for the Daily Prophet."
— Bozo treats Ron Weasley inconsiderately in pursuit of the perfect shot[src]

Bozo[1] covered Gilderoy Lockhart's book-signing at Flourish and Blotts in 1992, and was so single-mindedly focused on getting a good shot at one point that he backed into Ronald Weasley, stepping on his foot as he snapped at him to get out of the way. When Lockhart saw that Harry Potter was in the crowd, he pulled Harry to the front and shook his hand, deliberately giving the photographer an opportunity to take pictures he felt would be "worth the front page".[2]

Triwizard Tournament

Bozo was present at the wand weighing ceremony preceding the 1994 Triwizard Tournament, accompanying Rita Skeeter to do a piece on the tournament for the Prophet. He appeared to be entranced by Fleur Delacour, as he attempted to bring her into greater prominence of the group shots he was taking, and was watching her out of the corner of his eye during the ceremony.[3]

Later that school year, Bozo accompanied Rita on a visit to the Three Broomsticks Inn. While there, Rita conferred with Bozo on the possibility of spinning a story out of Ludovic Bagman being pursued by a group of goblins.[4]

Physical appearance

The photographer in 1992

Bozo was described as "paunchy".[3]


  • A bozo is a foolish or incompetent person.[5]
  • The Tagalog word boso which means "to maliciously watch/peek at somebody through a hole or slit".[6]
  • Bozo is also the name of an iconic American clown, and is at times considered a generic term for a clown.

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