Broom racing is a competition between witches and wizards which can involve many competitors, and can be made into an event with millions of spectators. It involves a start-point, an end-point and a broomstick.

In 1754 a broom-race was set up by a wizard named Torquil McTavish who challenged his bitter rival Silvio Astolfi who agreed. The broom-race was due to start in Aberdeen and end in Colosseum, in Rome. During the race lots of spectators, favourers of both McTavish and Astolfi gathered in Colosseum. Somehow McTavish had a hex that turned his knee-caps the wrong way cast upon him. The spectators was so excited that they somehow damaged Colosseum and the explosions woke up thousands of Muggles. It is unknown who won the broom-race however when the Muggles arrived they saw some people trying to catch a Chicken, which was actually a jinxed Astolfi that they tried to calm down. The damages to Colosseum had been repaired by witch Orabella Nuttley who had invented a spell called the Mending Charm.[1]


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