"Today's spectacle comes to you from the Gothic splendour of Bulgaria's national stadium!"
Arnold Vogler.[src]

The Bulgarian National Quidditch Stadium is a Quidditch stadium located somewhere in Bulgaria, surrounded by dark walls as if enclosed by a dark castle.[1]


The Bulgarian stadium is, like the German National Quidditch Stadium, made primarily of stone, but in this case, resembling a dark Gothic castle or cathedral. A sinister forest surrounds the structure, and the sky is always dark. The stands are grim, Gothic towers. A clock tower at one end houses the scoreboard, and this clock's bell chimes after every goal scored.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The stadium is described as built in a Gothic style, which, along with other Western European architectural styles, only gained a foothold in the country after it was restored as a nation-state in 1878. Therefore, it's likely the stadium was built or rebuilt past that year.


Notes and references

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