The Buried Vault, also known as the Portrait Vault, was one of the five Cursed Vaults connected to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and located somewhere underground in the nearby Hogsmeade Village. It is inaccessible without a certain painting, which was a Portkey to this location. A Hungarian Horntail guarded the vault.[1]


This vault was explored by Jacob, Patricia Rakepick and Peter Pettigrew. When the three encountered the dragon guarding the vault, Pettigrew escaped, leaving Rakepick and Jacob behind. The two managed to enter the vault thanks to Jacob's Legilimency, but did not defeat the dragon. Jacob was stuck in a portrait while Rakepick was sent to the Forbidden Forest, without gaining access to the treasures inside the vault.[1]

Rakepick and her students using a Portkey to enter the room connecting to the Vault

Years later, Rakepick attempted to enter the vault again, this time with Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde, Ben Copper, Bill Weasley and either Penny Haywood or Charlie Weasley. Jacob's sibling defeated the dragon and used Legilimency to enter the vault. Before they could enter, however, Rakepick revealed her true intentions and attempted to kill the students. Jacob's sibling used Garrotting Gas, which they had received from Severus Snape the previous year, to stop Rakepick. Rakepick then escaped, and the students entered the vault. Jacob's sibling found his brother stuck in a portrait and freed him. After a brief reunion, Jacob left after Rakepick, and the students managed to get back to Hogwarts using a portrait of the castle.[1]


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