This unidentified Hungarian Horntail guarded the inner chamber of the Buried Vault.[1]


At some point before or during the early 1980s, this Hungarian Horntail encountered Jacob, Patricia Rakepick and Peter Pettigrew who attempted to break into the Buried Vault. Pettigrew fled at first sight of the Horntail, and though the other two fought intensely, they were unable to defeat it. The Horntail was then trapped once again in a portrait.[1]

At some point near the end of the 1988–1989 school year, Rakepick arrived outside of the Buried Vault once more, this time accompanied by Jacob's sibling and several of their friends. The Horntail initially appeared in one of the vault's portraits, but then stepped out and attacked them causing the ceiling to partly collapse.

While Rakepick cast the Slowing Charm on the falling rocks, Jacob's sibling used the Conjunctivitis Curse on it, interrupting its attack and giving the student an advantage. Jacob's sibling duelled the dragon and defeated it, rendering it unconscious.[1]


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