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Café Abringer[1] was the name of a Parisian café located on Place Cachée.


Yusuf, Newt, and Jacob walking through this cafe

This café had a set of tables and chairs outside. Inside the café were tables and chairs with two booths set up with more chairs and tables. There was a reception desk, for getting drinks. There was a smaller room connected to the main room, with two more sets of chairs and tables. Leading from this room was the kitchen. Next to it was a room that in which dishes were washed. From there was a door leading to a alleyway going outside.[2] In the main café room, there was a door which lead to the bathroom, which was dirty and destroyed.


Tina talking with Yusuf

In 1927, Yusuf Kama and Porpentina Goldstein sat here and had tea while talking about who Credence Barebone really was.[3]

Yusuf in the bathroom

Newt and Jacob talking to Yusuf outside this café

Soon after, Newton Scamander and Jacob Kowalski sat at this café waiting for Yusuf Kama.[4] While they waited, Yusuf was in the bathroom of the café, stressing about his irritated eye, which he did not realise was host to a water dragon parasite. He put his fedora on the sink, and took out his medicine and dropped it in eyes. While leaving the café, Jacob and Newt caught up with Yusuf and they asked him if had ever seen Tina, and then he led them to his hideout.[5]


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