The Caipora are small and furry spirit-beings who are extraordinarily mischievous. Native to the Amazon rainforest, they protect the grounds of Castelobruxo wizarding school, emerging under cover of night to watch over the students and the creatures that live in the forest.[1]

Their propensity for mischief is, however, potentially disruptive of the school life — former Castelobruxo Headmistress Benedita Dourado offered to send some Caipora to Hogwarts Castle "to show you what trouble really is", when Headmaster Dippet complained of Peeves, the resident poltergeist at Hogwarts.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The Caipora is part of the traditional Brazilian folklore, though not reckoned as a "spirit". The traditional concept is that of a small indigenous boy that walks around the forest and confuses hunters therefore protecting the fauna. This is in-line with J. K. Rowling's adaptations of popular mythology and folklore to meet the needs of the plot and the feel of the Harry Potter universe.
  • A poster in the Globus Mundi Travel Agents store at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which can be seen here) advertises travel to the Amazon with the slogan "Home to the Caipora"; the creature featured on the illustration, however, shows them with backward-facing feet, a characteristic of the Curupiras.


Notes and references

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