Calderon-Boot was the surname of a wizarding family. Their blood status is not known. They may have been pure-blood, but they may also have Muggle heritage. It was started by the marriage of the wizard and founder of Ilvermorny School Chadwick Boot to the witch and Mexican healer Josefina Calderon in the 17th century. The family remains one of America's most prominent wizarding families today.[1]

Known members


  • Calderon is a Spanish name which may be from the word caldera which means "basin", "crater" or "hollow". It may also be geographical and is a common name of streams and mountains. It can also be the name of a place such as the town Calderón of Valencia and it may also refer to an object such as '"kettle" or "cauldron".[2]
  • Boot is an English surname for a person who makes or sells boots. It is also a Dutch occupational surname for boatman, from the Dutch word boot, meaning "boat."[3]

Notes and references

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