The 'Calufrax' Edict was an American wizarding regulation stipulating that Alien Wand Permit Applications submitted to the Wand Permit Office of MACUSA be filed under a variety of new codes.[1] It was approved sometime in or prior to 1926 by majority vote during a conclave of the East Coast Wizards.[1]


On 7 December 1926, Y. Blishen sent out a rat memo, informing various MACUSA employees of the new edict.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Calufrax is the name of a fictional planet featured in the 1978 episode "The Pirate Planet" of the long-running British science-fiction television series Doctor Who. The reference to this fictional planet may be a joke on the fact that the edict applies to alien (i.e., non-U.S. citizen) wand permits while Doctor Who is a series about an alien (i.e., an intelligent being not from Earth) travelling the universe.


Notes and references

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