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"Want a jam tart, Hermione? It’s all right. I haven’t done anything to them. It’s the custard creams you’ve got to watch..."
Fred Weasley to Hermione Granger in 1994[src]

Canary Creams were one of the magical joke products that Fred and George Weasley invented for their shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.[1]


A type of biscuit,[2] they created them in 1994 and charged seven sickles for each.[1] They had the appearance and taste of ordinary custard creams, but when eaten, they transfigured the eater into a large canary. Within a minute, the person would moult their feathers and revert to their normal human form.[1]


"Oh — sorry, Neville! I forgot — it was the custard creams we hexed —"
— Fred Weasley to Neville Longbottom[src]

A box of Canary Creams

Neville Longbottom ate one during a celebration party for Harry Potter's triumph over the Hungarian Horntail in the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament, in late 1994. He had just bitten into it when he overheard Fred offering Hermione Granger a jam tart and telling her that the tarts were not hexed, but the custard creams were. Neville immediately spat the food out, but when mistakenly reassured that Fred was joking, he returned to the consumption of the canary creams. He soon caused a diversion by turning into a large canary, proving Fred's memory incorrect. Within a minute, he reverted, and joined in the laughter.[1]


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