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The Carpe Retractum Challenge was an obstacle course created by Filius Flitwick on the second floor and Remus Lupin on the third floor of the Hogwarts Castle sometime in 1993 so as to allow their third year students to practise spells they had learned throughout their magical education with the ultimate goal of finding the Carpe Retractum spellbook in the Charms challenge, finding the huge Challenge Shield in the Defence Against the Dark Arts challenge, and learning the Seize and Pull Charm.

The course began in the Charms Classroom, with Professor Flitwick pushing a stack of books over to reveal a secret passage. He tasked Harry Potter to accompany Hermione Granger, who had arrived to class late, through the course. One floor up in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom another course began, with Remus Lupin tasking Ron Weasley to use the charm and get through the challenge safely.

There were a number of obstacles throughout the second floor course, such as crystal balls that needed to be charged up with light, mirrors that had to reflect wandlight, fountains whose water had to be frozen, and a number of other inanimate artefacts to be interacted with. The third floor course also had a number of obstacles, such as flying platforms, giant stones big enough to stand on and Seize and Pull-artefacts.

The second floor course also housed, however, a large quantity of Red Caps, vicious and bloodthirsty beasts taught about to the third years by Professor Remus Lupin; the Knockback Jinx was imperative in defeating them. There were also a handful of Hinkypunks throughout the course, throwing fire at those who passed. The third floor challenge housed a number of creatures such as Fire Crabs, Pixies, Charmed skeletons and Imps.

At the end on the second floor, was a passageway lit by flaming torches, through which one could go into a cavernous, circular room bathed in golden light, at the centre of which lay the Carpe Retractum spellbook upon a large golden pedestal. Once a student read the book, they had to use the Carpe Retractum Spell on a large gargoyle statue, which would twist and pull the caster safely onto a ledge. They then had to defeat three Red Caps, after which they were free to find their way back. The third floor, however, only had two Fire Crabs and three Pixies to defeat and Ron had to use the spell on the artefact to get to the Final Challenge Shield.

Behind the scenes

  • In the console versions Filius Flitwick teaches the spell and shows the challenge to Harry Potter. He lets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger accompany him.
  • In the PC version Remus Lupin teaches the spell and shows the challenge to Ronald Weasley.