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Tarot cards used for Cartomancy

Cartomancy was the art of reading cards to gain insight into future events.[1][2] There were special kinds of cards designed especially for this purpose, known as a tarot cards,[1] but standard playing cards could also be used.[3][4]


In September 1993, when Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger arrived in the Divination classroom for their first-ever lesson, the shelves lining the walls were stuffed with packs of worn playing cards and other items.[3]

In 1996, Harry Potter was going down a corridor when Sybill Trelawney came around the corner, shuffling through and reading a deck of playing cards as she walked. Harry ducked behind a statue to avoid being seen, but when Trelawney came to the knave of spades — which she said indicated "a dark young man, possibly troubled, one who dislikes the questioner" while speaking to herself — she stopped right in front of it. However, she quickly convinced herself this reading must be incorrect, and continued on her way.[4]

On 30 July 1997, the night in which Albus Dumbledore died, Harry again encountered Trelawney in a corridor. She told him that she had done several tarot readings, drawing the lightning-struck tower every time, an extremely ill omen. She also remarked that Firenze, who she had consulted about this portent, knew nothing of cartomancy.[1]

Card meanings

Playing cards, according to Sybill Trelawney:

  • Two of spades — "conflict"[4]
  • Seven of spades — "an ill omen"[4]
  • Ten of spades — "violence"[4]
  • Knave of spades — "a dark young man, possibly troubled, one who dislikes the questioner"[4]
  • Five of clubs — "new friends and alliances" (if torn — "ill fortune for this burgeoning alliance")[5]

Playing cards, according to Barnaby Lee:

  • King of hearts — "a fair-haired man with a good nature"[5]

Tarot cards, according to Sybill Trelawney:

  • The lightning-struck tower — "calamity" and "disaster"[1]


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