Cassandra was a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the early 21st century and was Sorted into Slytherin.[4]


Cassandra was Sorted into Slytherin when she started attending Hogwarts at the age of eleven. She was soon engaging in bullying her fellow students, including Daniel Page.[5]

She overheard Daniel speaking to a friend one day about how he thought hiding magic from Muggles was wrong. Cassandra began teasing Daniel, asking if he wanted to be in the paper or be a criminal. Cassandra thought Muggles to be "silly" and frightened of their own shadows. Daniel objected, saying she would be afraid of magic if she didn't have it.[5]

Cassandra worked out that he had a Muggle in the Page family, and he told her to shut up. Daniel's friend didn't think Cassandra was worth it, and Ivy Warrington asked if she didn't like non-magic people. Cassandra told her she did, because she had an uncle who was a Muggle and she thought he was hilarious.[5]

Cassandra left, but Ivy run after her and started duelling her. Ivy used Evanesco and nearly hurt Cassandra. Professor Longbottom intervened and gave detention to Ivy and her friends.[5] Later that evening, Cassandra, Colby and Fisher Frey snuck out to the Library. Daniel, Ivy and their friend found out and went to check out why. They watched her until one of the twins noticed. Cassandra then told Daniel's friends she had found out about Daniel's family who had been sent to prison. Daniel then began duelling Cassandra.[5]

Cassandra lost the duel, and told Daniel it wasn't over and that he couldn't be trusted.[5]


Notes and references

  1. In her first year, Minerva McGonagall remembers the time when she was appointed Headmistress, implying that she has been on the post for at least one year. It has to be at least September 1999. Professor Slughorn is still present on the staff, meaning the game starts before 2016, the year by which he was retired. She could have been born between 1988 and 2004.
  2. If her Muggle uncle was a blood relative, this would mean that at least one of her parents was a Muggle-born. It is also possible that he was married to an aunt or uncle of Cassandra.
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