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Cassandra Vole was a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 21st century.[5]


Hogwarts years[]

First year[]

On 1 September 2008, Cassandra sat in a compartment with Colby and Fischer Frey on the Hogwarts Express. When a fellow first year asked if they could sit with her, she immediately refused to let them and told them to find somewhere else.[6] Cassandra was Sorted into Slytherin house when she started attending Hogwarts at the age of eleven. She was soon bullying her fellow students, including Ivy Warrington and Daniel Page.[7][5]

After their first Charms lesson, the student saw Cassandra in the corridor using the Levitation Charm on a feather. They told her it was impressive. Cassandra told them she was naturally talented and when the student wished they could get better at it, she told them it was just a swish and flick. When Colby and Fischer arrived, she invited the student to attend the Duelling Club with her if they weren't afraid.[8]

Before they started duelling, Cassandra hoped they wouldn't make a scene when they lost. At first, they duelled Colby but when they won, Cassandra challenged them to duel against her and Fischer instead. They pointed out two against one was unfair, but Kevin explained it was a Duo Duel and Robyn offered to pair up with them. When the student and Robyn won, Cassandra was surprised and thought they were less hopeless than they looked. She asked for their name but they told her they already met in the corridor. Cassandra told them beating the Freys wasn't a feat and they should retry duelling her when they were better at spells.[8]

She overheard Daniel speaking to a friend one day about how he thought hiding magic from Muggles was wrong. Cassandra began teasing Daniel, asking if he wanted to be in the paper or be a criminal. Cassandra thought Muggles to be "silly" and frightened of their own shadows. Daniel objected, saying she would be afraid of magic if she didn't have it.[5]

Cassandra worked out that he had a Muggle in the Page family, and he told her to shut up. Daniel's friend didn't think Cassandra was worth it, and Ivy Warrington asked if she didn't like non-magic people. Cassandra, however, instantly told her she was not a supremacist, and that she had an uncle who was a Muggle and she thought he was hilarious.[5]

Cassandra left, but Ivy ran after her and asked Cassandra to apologise to Daniel. Cassandra advised her to choose her friends carefully and that Daniel was not a good choice. Then Ivy started duelling her. Ivy was knocked down by Cassandra, and used Evanesco in an attempt to obliterate Cassandra's wand, on her but missed, vanishing a suit of armour instead. Professor Longbottom intervened and gave detention to Ivy and her friends.[5]

Later that evening, Cassandra, Colby and Fischer Frey snuck out to the Library. Daniel, Ivy and their friend found out and went to check out why. They watched her until one of the twins noticed. Cassandra then told Daniel's friends she had found out about Daniel's family who had been sent to prison. Daniel and his friends then began duelling Cassandra and the Frey twins.[5]

Cassandra lost the duel, and told Daniel it wasn't over and that he couldn't be trusted. She noted that Daniel, Ivy and the student were friends but did not know each other well.[5]

Cassandra put a curse on the book in the library so that when Daniel and his friends came looking for a book about the Page family, they were attacked by pixies. After they fought off the pixies, she appeared "just for a bit of fun", and showed them The Quibbler. She agreed when Ivy's friend said that The Quibbler was a stupid magazine, and laughed that they probably wouldn't believe a word of what was written here about Ivy.[9]

Later, Cassandra followed them into the Book and Quill's tower. She revealed that she had helped them to make sure Ivy got what she deserved, and said that Ivy was dangerous and should be expelled. Daniel used a spell, but Cassandra successfully avoided it and used a Knockback Jinx on Daniel. She started duelling with the student, but was defeated by Ivy's Full Body-Bind Curse, who entered the room later.[10]

Third year[]

During her third year, in the 2010–2011 school year, a plant-based Healer named Astrid Cole was sent to Hogwarts to find an antidote for the Mysterious Malady. Despite both being interested in the subject of Herbology, Cassandra disliked Cole, finding her suspicious. Later that year, Cassandra was likely affected by the malady, causing her to fall into an unwakeable sleep. Subsequently, a student visited her at the Hospital Wing and found her "special" rose in her hands.[11]

Personality and traits[]

Cassandra had a mean-spirited and conceited personality, and enjoyed belitting those she perceived as below her with her classmates, such as Ivy Warrington and Daniel Page.[5] She was entitled and always thought she was right.[6]

She considered herself more attractive, more talented, and more popular than any other witch in the school. She thought that anyone who disagreed this belief was obviously a fool, such as Ivy Warrington and her friends, and thought someone needed to teach them a lesson or two. She was passionate about fashion and frequently criticised other students for their style choices. Cassandra also believed that not all witches and wizards were created equal, and she wanted them to know their place.[3] She disliked the sport of Quidditch and enjoyed Herbology.[2]

Despite her posh and arrogant bearing, she was not entirely heartless, and was delighted when Colby Frey gifted her a scarf he personally made for her on Christmas. When Colby Frey's scarf was mocked by his brother Fischer, Colby fled away in mortification, and Cassandra chased after Colby to console him, stating that even if it was not as expensive or high-quality as Fischer's gift, the sentiment mattered to her much more than Fischer's gift.

Cassandra claimed she had no anti-Muggle sentiment, even revealing she had a Muggle uncle she found "hilarious", but caused her to think Muggles were "silly". She also thought that learning about Muggles was of no use at all.[12]

Magical abilities and skills[]


Colby and Fischer's presents to Cassandra MA

Colby's gift scarf and Fischer's wand case

Christmas gift bow from Ivy to Cassandra

Ivy's gift bow

  • Wand: Cassandra's wand was 10 inches, made of holly with a Veela hair core.[3]
  • Scarf: Colby Frey gave a scarf to Cassandra for Christmas. Cassandra was surprised that it was handmade by him.
  • Wand case: Fischer Frey bought Cassandra a wand case for Christmas. She thought this was a ridiculous gift.
  • Lyncus: Cassandra owned a pet kneazle.[14]
  • Venomous Tentacula: Cassandra owned a Venomous Tentacula as a pet.[15]
  • Pointed hat: Ivy Warrington gave a green pointed hat to Cassandra for Christmas in her second year at Hogwarts. However Cassandra didn't like it, claiming it was not pure green.
  • Bow: Ivy Warrington gave a green bow with a white jewel to Cassandra for Christmas. Cassandra was secretly delighted with this gift.[16][17][18][19]



She disliked family dinners.[2] She also made secret the fact that her family were very nice people[3] and hid the fact that her parents were Hufflepuffs.[20]

Ivy Warrington[]

Ivy Warrington: "Hello Cassandra."
Cassandra Vole: "Well, well, well. If it isn't Ivy Warrington. What do you want."
Ivy Warrington: "I know we haven't exactly been friendly to each other, but I was hoping we could make a fresh start."
Cassandra Vole: "Oh? And just like that we're going to be best friends?"
Ivy Warrington: "Well, maybe not best friends, maybe just nicer to each other."
Cassandra Vole: "Oh Ivy, I think you've lost your way again, just like on the first day of school.(laughing)"
— Their friendship that never materialised[src]

Cassandra and Ivy were known to dislike each other.[21][2] Cassandra often bullied Ivy and her friends.

In their first year, Ivy tried to get Cassandra to withdraw her insults to Daniel. The two began fighting with their wands, and Ivy somehow unleashed the Vanishing Spell, a spell she apparently had never learned, but her aim was off and a nearby suit of armour was vanished instead. Cassandra was frightened because she thought Ivy had tried to make her disappear. Ivy did not understand how she could have known the Vanishing Spell. She just attempted to disarm.[5]
Later, at the suggestion of Ivy's friend, Ivy asked Cassandra to rekindle their relationship, but she replied that she had many friends and did not particularly want someone like Ivy as a friend.[22] Cassandra then taunted Ivy again about being lost, much to her dismay.


  • French vol means flight, flying or a flock of birds or insects.[23] This is linked to the fact that Veela transform into harpy-like forms.
  • In Greek mythology, Cassandra is the daughter of the Trojan kings Priam and Hecabaeus. She is said to be as beautiful as a golden Aphrodite and was given the power of prophecy by Apollone, but she rejected him, thus dooming her to a fate where no one would believe her prophecies.[24] In some slavic folklore, Vila have the power of prophecy.[25]

Behind the scenes[]

"Je ne sais quoi!"
— Cassandra complains about the colour of the hat Ivy tried to give her[src]
  • Cassandra is voiced by American voice actress Tara Sands in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.[26]
  • In chinese version, Cassandra's patronus form was referred as "貂", which means marten.
  • In the Chinese subtitles that appear in the Chinese version, the word "hilarious" in her line in Year 1 Chapter 3 is translated as "滑稽的". This indicates a more pejorative intent.
  • Cassandra spoke French only once at the 2022 christmas hat-making event.


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