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A bunch of hairy caterpillars

"Hairy Caterpillar Guts are used mainly in Shrinking Solution."
— Description[src]

A caterpillar is the larval form of a butterfly or moth.[1]

Shaved Caterpillars are a bogey-flavoured wizarding sweet.[2] They are sold on the Honeydukes Express trolley onboard the Hogwarts Express.[2]

Sliced caterpillars are used as an ingredient in the Shrinking Solution.[3]


In 1993, during a lesson on how to prepare this potion with Professor Severus Snape, Harry Potter was so angered by Draco Malfoy's admission that he was trying to get Rubeus Hagrid sacked that he accidentally cut the head off one of his caterpillars. Draco then ordered Ron Weasley to slice his caterpillars for him on the pretence that his arm injury prevented him from doing so himself.[3]


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