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Cedrella Weasley (née Black) was a pure-blood witch, the second eldest daughter of Arcturus Black II and Lysandra Black, and sister of Callidora and Charis.

Cedrella married Septimus Weasley. The Weasley family had been considered blood traitors ever since they protested their inclusion in the Sacred Twenty-Eight, and so, due to her marriage, Cedrella was disowned and burned off the Black family tree tapestry.[3]

Cedrella and Septimus had three sons, one of whom is Arthur Weasley. Through Cedrella, the Weasley family is related not only to the Black family, but also to the Crouch and Longbottom families.[3] Through Arthur, she has seven grandchildren.


Cedrella is a rare feminine variant of "Cedric", which in turn is derived from the Old Celtic name Caratacos, which means "love".[6] This could be a reference to her betraying her family's beliefs to marry who she loved.

Cedrela is also a genus in the mahogany family, native to the New World. Cedrela odorata is a timber wood often sold under the name "Spanish-cedar" even though it is neither Spanish nor a cedar. It is used in the making of cigar boxes and guitars as well as general construction work.

Behind the scenes

  • Horace Slughorn claimed that the Blacks were almost exclusively sorted into Slytherin House,[7] thus Cedrella might be considered an example of a "good Slytherin" for her non-biased views about blood purity. Given that she was born between 1915 and 1919, she would have most likely been one of the first students of Slughorn's at some point, as Slughorn began his teaching career in 1931.
  • Cedrella’s older sister Callidora was born in 1915, and her younger sister Charis was born in 1919, so Cedrella must have been born sometime between late 1915 and early 1919.
  • Cedrella had three sons. One of them was Arthur, and it is possible that another one was Bilius.
  • On the family tree, Cedrella is depicted next to her sisters. She looks similar to her great-aunt Iola, who was likewise disowned due to her marriage.
  • Cedrella is similar to Andromeda Tonks, who, like Cedrella, was the middle of three daughters and married against her family's wishes while her elder and younger sisters made "respectable" pureblood marriages.


Notes and references

  1. Her older sister, Callidora, and younger sister, Charis, were born in 1915 and 1919, respectively.
  2. Sirius stated that he was the last of the Blacks by the late 1995, so it is possible that Cedrella died at some point before or during that year, however it is possible that he only meant he was the last with the surname Black, as Narcissa Malfoy (née Black) and Andromeda Tonks (née Black) were still alive at the time he said that, and Cedrella's married name is Weasley, so she could potentially have still been alive as well.
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