Mrs Warbeck was the Muggle wife of Mr Warbeck, a wizard, and the mother of internationally famous singer Celestina Warbeck.


Mrs Warbeck, a Muggle, lived in Wales in the early 20th century. Before marrying, she pursued a career in acting, but was not successful.[1] She met Mr Warbeck, a wizard who worked in the Muggle Liaison Office, after she was attacked (presumably during a performance) by a Lethifold that had hidden itself by taking the form of a stage curtain.[1] The couple married on an unknown date and had at least one child, Celestina, who was born 18 August[1] 1917.[2]

Celestina proved to be an exceptionally gifted singer at a young age.[1] Mrs Warbeck wished to enrol Celestina in wizarding stage school, but upon learning there was no such thing, she agreed to allow her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[1] Fiercely supportive of her daughter, Mrs Warbeck sent many letters to the school, requesting the creation of a choir, drama club, and dancing class to allow young Celestina to showcase her talents.[1]


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