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Newt Scamander: "So where would you say that a medium-sized creature that likes broad, open plains—trees—water holes—that kind of thing—where might she go?"
Jacob Kowalski: "In New York City?"
Newt Scamander: "Yes."
Jacob Kowalski: "Plains? Ah, Central Park?"
— Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski discuss the characteristics of Central Park.[src]

Central Park is a large rectangular-shaped public park located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City.[1]


When trying to locate his escaped magical creatures in December 1926, Newt Scamander asked Jacob Kowalski where a "medium-sized creature" that liked "broad, open plains" including trees and water holes might go in the city.[2] Jacob suggested that such a creature might go to Central Park.[2] The pair arrived at the park to find it in chaos, Newt's escaped creature – a female Erumpent in estrus – having invaded the Central Park Zoo, letting several of the resident animals loose in the process.[3][4] The two managed to recapture the Erumpent with great difficulty and destruction.[4]

In December 1926, Uncle Edward, a usually calm poltergeist who haunted a New York family, had an angry outburst during a picnic in Central Park, hurling baked goods at passing No-Majs before "go[ing] AWOL."[5] The incident was reported in the 6 December 1926 morning edition of The New York Ghost.[5]


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