The Central Park Zoo was a zoo located in Central Park in New York City.[1]

Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski decided to search Central Park in 1926 after Jacob suggested that one of Newt's escaped creatures might have gone there.[2] The pair encountered an escaped lion from the Central Park Zoo while walking through the Diamond District.[3] When they got to Central Park, an ostrich ran past them on a bridge, fleeing from an unknown danger.[4] They soon found that Newt's escaped creature – a female Erumpent in estrus – had invaded the Central Park Zoo in search of a mate, letting several of the resident animals loose in the process.[4][5] Newt and Jacob managed to recapture the Erumpent with great difficulty and destruction.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • These events may be a reference to a hoax article written in the New York Herald in 1874, claiming that there was a mass escape of animals from the Central Park Zoo and they were terrorising the city.[6] The animals that the paper had claimed escaped included a rhinoceros and a numidian lion.


Notes and references

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