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Chadwick Boot's wand was made of prickly ash wood with Horned Serpent horn core and an unknown length. The wand was manufactured by Isolt Sayre and James Steward for Chadwick's eleventh birthday.[1]


Chadwick Boot had moved to the New World with his parents and brother several years earlier. When his parents died, he was adopted by Isolt Sayre and James Steward and was living at Ilvermorny. For his eleventh birthday, he had requested a wand. Isolt and James did not know how to make them since she knew of only one working wand. She had hoped to give Chadwick and his brother their parents wands but the cores had since died.[1]

The evening before his birthday, she received a dream that she went down to the creek to find the Horned Serpent come up to her from the water and bowed its head to her. It let her take a shard of its horn. When Isolt woke, she went down to the creek where the Horned Serpent was waiting for her and received a shard of horn. She then took it to James who was a skilled craftsman and he set the horn in a wand of prickly ash wood. When Chadwick woke the next day, he received the wand.[1]

Isolt had a protective instinct not to make any more wands of Horned Serpent horn with the exception being Chadwick's brother, Webster Boot. The wand proved to be adapt for duelling when Chadwick fought Gormlaith Gaunt five years later. Gormlaith did not know Chadwick and his brother were living at Ilvermorny so they were not sent into an enchanted slumber by her spell and because their wands were made with the horn of the great river serpent they were not made inactive when she spoke Parseltongue. The wand instead recognised the language and made the sound of a low musical note to warn its owner. The sound woke Chadwick who went to duel Gormlaith.[1]

Even though he was also well taught, his wand was of exceptional power and he held up well against Gormlaith. When Webster helped Chadwick, the twin cores of their wands increased their power. However, Gormlaith matched their power with her exceptional knowledge of Dark magic which eventually drove the brothers to retreat back to Ilvermorny.[1]

It is unknown what happened to the wand after Chadwick's death.

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