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Charis Crouch (née Black) (19191973) was a pure-blood witch, the third daughter of Arcturus Black and Lysandra Yaxley and the youngest sister of Callidora and Cedrella. She was married to Caspar Crouch, and produced three children: a son and two daughters.[1]

Charis may be the mother of Barty Crouch Snr, although this has not been confirmed. Through her disowned sister Cedrella, she is a maternal aunt of Arthur Weasley[4] and a relative of the Weasley family, and through her other sister Callidora, she is related to the Longbottom family.


Charis is named after the Charites (singular Charis), the Greek goddesses of charm and beauty. The Greek charis means "grace, kindness."

Like her mother Lysandra and her sister Callidora, Charis is named after a type of butterfly or moth, specifically a butterfly genus of the Riodinini tribe.

There is an asteroid called 627 Charis which was discovered on 4 March 1907 (twelve years before Charis's birth); this connects her to the Black family's history of astrological names.

Behind the scenes

  • On the left side of the family tree, where are depicted ancient ancestors, we can see Phoebe Black, whose face is similar to Charis. The production team simply recycled Charis's face to save time, as they did with Elladora and Callidora.
  • As she was born in 1919, she would have been one of Horace Slughorn's first ever Slytherin students, as he became Potions Master in 1931. Depending on when in 1919 she was born, she would have been a first or second year.
  • It has often been speculated that she is the mother of Barty Crouch Snr, but given the fact that Barty Crouch detests the Dark Arts and the House of Black being associated with them, it is highly unlikely.


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