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"Taking 'glamping' to the next level; wizarding tents are deceptively large on the inside, no matter how small they may seem from the outside."
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Charmed Wizarding Tents[3] were tents consisting of sheets of fabric or other materials draped or attached over frames of poles that were charmed to be larger inside than they looked from the outside, somewhat resembling small homes with beds, chairs, tables, and a kitchen.[1]


Many of them were equipped with showing-off magical details, despite the official instructions to keep the campsite as Muggle-like as possible. For example, one tent was an extravagant silk palace surrounded by live peacocks. In other cases, the wizards had attempted to keep their tents mostly Muggle-like but had slipped up by adding things like chimneys or bellpulls.[1]


At the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, all the fans camped out in tents.[1]

Arthur Weasley had borrowed a tent for the occasion from his office colleague at the Ministry, Perkins, who was unable to go camping anymore due to his lumbago.[1] Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley also used Perkins' tent while searching for Horcruxes.[4]

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