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"Hand out your leaflets! I'll know if you dump 'em. Tell me if you see anything suspicious."
— Chastity's zeal regarding anti-witchcraft[src]

Chastity Barebone (d. 7 December, 1926[3]) was an American No-Maj who lived during the 20th century. She was the adopted daughter of Mary Lou Barebone. Mary Lou was the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group.

Chastity was the middle child of three adopted siblings. Her other siblings were Credence Barebone, who was older, and Modesty Barebone, who was younger.[4] She lived with them and her adoptive mother in the United States of America in 1926 at the Second Salem Church in Pike Street Manhattan.

Chastity dutifully abided by her mother's strict rules, unlike her two siblings, Credence and Modesty. She was an active member of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, sharing her mother's zeal for the cause of eradicating magic and its practitioners.[5]

Chastity died on the night of 7 December 1926, having sustained fatal injuries when the Second Salem Church was destroyed by the Obscurus of Credence Barebone.


Early life

Chasity, and her adopted family

At some point in time, Chastity was adopted by Mary Lou Barebone. The Barebone family was descended from one of the Scourers who evaded justice in the late 17th century by integrating into No-Maj society. Mary Lou was the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group. It is not known how long she was with the Barebone family or who her family formerly was.

Chastity was the favourite adopted child of Mary Lou Barebone, as she had the same Anti-Witchcraft mindset as her adoptive mother and was severely loyal to her organisation the Second Salemers, unlike her siblings. Like her adopted brother and sister, Chastity was taught by her adoptive mother Mary Lou to hate magic and wizardkind at a young age.

December 1926

"Chastity sits primly at the long table in the middle of the church. She formulaically arranges leaflets and places them in little bags."
— Chastity's loyalty to the New Salem Philanthropic Society[src]

The Barebone family fighting for Second Salem

On 6 December, 1926 while on the steps of the Steen National Bank, Chastity's adoptive mother Mary Lou held a rally to support their religious organisation, the New Salem Philanthropic Society. She confirmed to the public who was listening to her speech, that there are bizarre things happening through out New York, that "something stalks our city" and it is "wreaking destruction." She claims to the people in public that this was the work of witchcraft, while Chastity and her adopted brother and sister handed out Anti-magic leaflets to the people in public.

Chastity handing out Witches Live Among Us! leaflefs to children for distribution

On the afternoon of 6 December 1926, Langdon Shaw, a believer in magic, brought Chastity and his family into her father Henry Shaw Senior's office. Mary Lou was interested in garnering the support and influence of his newspaper company and his elder son's re-election platform. But Henry Shaw refused and asked them to leave. When returning a dropped leaflet, Henry Shaw Junior, the senator, called her older brother Credence a freak. Chastity left the office with her family, understanding that the Shaw family was not going to support the Second Salemers.


"The Dark force flies through the church, upending the table and destroying everything in sight...The place is destroyed — moonlight filters through gaps in the roof, and Chastity lies dead amid debris from the attack."
— Chastity's lifeless body after Credence's Obscurus attacks[src]

Chastity Barebone in the Second Salem Church, just before her death

Chastity died on the night of 7 December, 1926 as a result of fatal injuries sustained when the Second Salem Church was destroyed by Credence's Obscurus. The Obscurus had attacked their mother after she had tried to punish Credence after catching him with a toy wand that he had found under Modesty's bed before going out of control and tearing the church apart, accidentally killing Chastity in the process.[3]

Physical appearance

Chastity Barebone often appeared to be shy. She tended to blush sometimes, and to be curious both in mannerisms and in the 'vibe' she gives out. She was also often quiet and inconspicuous in public.

Personality and traits

Chastity usually followed the example of her adoptive mother, Mary Lou. She possessed a zealous anti-witchcraft mindset, much as her mother did and unlike Credence and Modesty. Chastity took her role within the New Salem Philanthropic Society very seriously and would remind the children that handed out the church's leaflets to report to her if they saw any suspicious activity that could possibly register as witchcraft. She did not appear to like the punishments her mother inflicted on Credence and Modesty on occasion but also did not protest or try to stop them.


Chastity is derived from the Old French chastete or the Latin castitatem (the latter the nominative of castitas). First coined c. 1200, the word Chastity refers, as defined by the Church, to "sexual purity", including but not limited to celibacy or virginity.[6]

Behind the scenes

Chastity Barebone as a LEGO character in LEGO Dimensions

"I thought Chastity was very suppressed and lonely. [But] there were little things in the script, like 'She blushed' or 'She looked curiously', so I was like, 'Oh she's a bit rebellious.' But it's all battened down."
— Jenn Murray on playing Chastity[src]
  • Chastity is portrayed by Jenn Murray in the film inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[7]
  • In the film, Chastity's fate is left unclear as she is not seen after the Obscurus destroyed the church, alive or otherwise. The screenplay, however, confirms her as having been killed.
  • On Pottermore, Chastity's character page had a red background that was usually used to represent Gryffindor characters.
  • It is unknown if Chastity was her birth name, as she was adopted.
  • Chastity is said to be more like a mini-me version of Mary Lou then an actual unique person, as they have similar views and also when Mary Lou is beating Credence, she thinks "he deserves it", but at the same time another part of her is blocking it out.[citation needed]


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