Cherry (genus Prunus) is a tree on which cherry fruits grow. The cherry fruits of commerce are usually obtained from a limited number of species, including especially cultivars of the wild cherry, Prunus avium.[1]


Cherry was a rarely used wood that made for a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where cherry wand owners enjoyed special prestige.[2]

The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often made a wand that possessed truly lethal power, whatever the core — though if paired with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind.[2]

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Behind the scenes

  • In Japan, 花見 (Hanami) is a traditional practice of picnicking under a 桜 (sakura) (Japanese cherry) tree, hence a possible reason why a wand of cherry would be valued by Japanese wizards.[6]
  • Additionally, the cherry-blossom is the national flower of Japan, and has cultural significance and association with the country.


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