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Chiara Lobosca was a witch and the only child of an Arithmancer and an Obliviator. She was afflicted with lycanthropy during her childhood, as a result of Fenrir Greyback attacking her. She started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984, and was sorted into the Hufflepuff house.


Early life

Chiara was the only child of an Arithmancer and an Obliviator. When Chiara was seven, werewolf Fenrir Greyback bit her, causing her to become a werewolf as well. Greyback tried to recruit her for his army, but was driven away by Chiara's parents.[5]

At some point after that event, Chiara befriended her neighbour Selina. The first time they met was when Chiara's mother took her to a library where she could play with Muggle children. When she was bullied and called "Grandma Chiara" due to silver hair being uncommon among Muggles, Selina stood up for her, telling her to be proud of its uniqueness.[8] They became best friends, so close that when Chiara told Selina that she was a werewolf, Selina was not afraid at first. However, after Selina witnessed one of Chiara's transformations, she was terrified, and did not come near Chiara anymore due to her fear. Eventually, Chiara asked her mother to Obliviate Selina so Selina would no longer live in fear. Following this, Chiara avoided contact with other people.[5]

Hogwarts years

First year

In 1984, Chiara began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Hufflepuff where she shared a dorm with Penny Haywood[9] and possibly Nymphadora Tonks.[1][10][11] Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was aware of her condition and arranged for Professor Snape to brew the newly discovered wolfsbane potion to control her transformations, though he was only able to brew one dose at a time due to an Aconite shortage.

Chiara was very interested in healing magic, and hoped to one day become a healer at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. In her spare time, she volunteered at the Hospital wing, which Madam Pomfrey greatly appreciated.

At some point during her time at Hogwarts, as she was leaving the Forbidden Forest, Borf, a cub from the Forbidden Forest wolf pack, followed her. The cub continued living in the Forbidden Forest but occasionally visited her.[12]

During a Hallowe'en Feast, she was attacked by Fenrir Greyback and two werewolves. The following day, she met up with Jacob's sibling and Cecil Lee to look for werewolves. Later, at nighttime, Chiara and Rubeus Hagrid showed Borf to Jacob's sibling and Cecil. Shortly afterwards, Chiara told Jacob's sibling that she was a werewolf, a secret she had not told anyone at Hogwarts before.[12]

Second year

At some point,[13] Chiara met Remus Lupin while he was foraging for potion ingredients in the Forbidden Forest, hoping to create his own Wolfsbane Potion, despite his relative lack of skill in potions. As they got to talking she felt kinship with him and, realising that he had never experienced a peaceful transformation, began giving him her potion dose, claiming that it was a spare.

Later, rumours began spreading around Hogwarts that a student had been attacked by a white werewolf during the last full moon and she began to fear that she may have been the perpetrator, though she didn't remember doing so. She began to quietly investigate the rumours, though she was afraid of the answers. Jacob's sibling also began investigating the rumours and sought her help. She was initially reluctant to do so, out of fear of getting too close, but eventually agreed.

Though she didn't know the name of the student, she discovered it by searching the infirmary files in the Hospital Wing while Jacob's sibling distracted Madam Pomfrey with a feigned illness. Afterwards the two questioned the student, Pippa Macmillan, and discovered that Pippa wasn't actually certain that it was a werewolf. She had been surprised by a white creature while exploring the Forbidden Forest and had later been discovered with claw like scratches on her arm, leading her to believe it had been a werewolf, but had been too terrified at the time to properly remember. After the two brewed a Memory Potion for her, Pippa recalled the truth: it hadn't been a werewolf that attacked her, but a white hippogriff. The claw-like scratches had been from a tree that she ran into while fleeing.

Despite her name being cleared, Jacob's sibling continued to investigate, curious as to why Chiara had thought she was the attacker in the first place. They eventually discovered the truth and met Lupin. When Chiara let slip that she had been giving away her own potion, Lupin thanked her for her sacrifice but refused to take any more from her. That night happened to be the full moon and Chiara transformed without the benefit of the potion. She attacked Jacob's sibling, but her friend managed to use their skills at duelling to drive her off into the forbidden forest where she completed that month's transformation safely.[14]

Third year

In her third year, the 1986–1987 school year, Chiara took Divination as an elective.[15]

Fourth year

The next year, she was talking to Jae Kim in the Training Grounds while Jacob's sibling and Rubeus Hagrid were gathering escaped Crups.[16]

Fifth year

In the 1988–1989 school year, she was talking to Hagrid in the Clock Tower Courtyard while Jacob's sibling was duelling Ben Copper. She was also talking to Jae in the Great Hall around the same time.[17]

When Xenophilius Lovegood announced a contest for a front-page photo of a magical creature on The Quibbler and prize of 87 Galleons, Ismelda Murk recruited some cronies in a secret attempt to hunt her down for being a suspected werewolf. She intended to capture Chiara with the Full Body-Bind Curse before the full moon to both win the prize and expose Albus Dumbledore for harbouring a werewolf on campus.

At the same time, ignorant to this danger, Chiara helped Jacob's sibling and Barnaby Lee look for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack as she needed the money for more Wolfsbane Potion. Ismelda's plot was thwarted by Jacob's sibling who used the Knockback Jinx to push Chiara out of harm's way, and then by Tulip Karasu and Nymphadora Tonks in a werewolf costume convincing Ismelda that there was no real werewolf in the school. Jacob's sibling, Barnaby and Chiara won the prize ultimately with a photo of a supposed Moon Frog (actually Sir Ribbithe having eaten Glow Bugs) and a Quintaped (which may have been Tulip and Tonks in disguise again).[18]

When several jinxed Ever-Bashing Boomerangs were released in the Great Hall by Jacob's sibling, Nymphadora Tonks, Tulip Karasu and Jae Kim, she used the Shield Charm to protect herself and other students from the rogue boomerangs.[19]

Later that same school year, shortly before the O.W.L.s, she was introduced to Rowan Khanna, a friend of Jacob's sibling. They met up in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid in order to help Rowan calm down by letting them play with Borf. Chiara also told Jacob's sibling that she wanted to become a Healer and suggested this as a career option that Jacob's sibling could consider.[1]

Sixth year

Chiara Lobosca in the Divination Classroom

Chiara continued taking Divination in her sixth year.[15]

Chiara and Liz Tuttle spent time in the Forbidden Forest, where they interacted with Borf and a mysterious white eagle owl, named Artemis by Liz.[20]

After Jacob's sibling was attacked by a wizard in white robes near the Black Lake, Chiara healed the student.[21]

After the death of Rowan Khanna at the hands of Patricia Rakepick during the Duel in the Forest Grove, Chiara was invited to the meeting that established the Circle of Khanna, but did not attend as "something came up".[7]

Chiara was swamped with work at the Hospital Wing after Madam Pomfrey was petrified. She also healed Cedric Diggory's broken arm after a training accident. When Jacob's sibling asked, she requested to talk to them privately - revealing that she was reluctant of risking letting others know she was a werewolf or harming them if she lost control, and took some convincing before agreeing to join.[22]

Chiara was present at the second meeting of the Circle of Khanna, but she was uncertain what she had got herself into. She partnered with Jacob's sibling in Divination class and learned their plan to investigate Rowan's murder scene, informing them that it was a full moon. They reaffirmed their commitment to keeping each other's secrets. They later ran into Chiara in the Hospital Wing, where she asked them to be careful. When a savage werewolf attacked the group in the forest, it was chased off by Chiara in her in-control werewolf form.[23]

Jacob's sibling and Chiara discussed their latest trip into the forest in the Hospital Wing, although Chiara was nervous as neither noticed Beatrice coming in and she hoped she did not overhear. Chiara was worried about Beatrice as she had been coming in and staring wordlessly at petrified students for days.[24]

When Jacob and Jacob's sibling rescued Beatrice who nearly drowned in the lake, Chiara took care of her in the Hospital Wing.[25]

Penny and Jacob's sibling met with Chiara and Diego Caplan in the greenhouse to discuss the plan, and both Chiara and Diego had their reservations. Chiara also mentioned fluxweed needed to be picked under a full moon. They gathered knotgrass in the greenhouse together.[26]

While Jacob's sibling and Talbott Winger gathered the fluxweed in the forest under the full moon, Chiara watched over them in the shadows. When they finished gathering, Chiara appeared and howled at them; instantly on guard, Talbott pointed his wand at the werewolf, not knowing who it was, but Jacob's sibling interpreted that Chiara was warning them danger was coming and they needed to leave.[26]

During a lecture on dream interpretation in Divination, Chiara commented that she already knew what her nightmares meant and did not want to share them.[11]

Chiara aided Jacob's sibling in researching Merpeople at Flourish and Blotts for safer entry into the lake. Chiara found that Merpeople had a love for music and thus they planned to utilise that as a peace offering.[27]

Seventh year

In the 1990–1991 school year, her seventh year, She and other seventh-years helped Madam Pomfrey treat students in the Hospital Wing that had been bitten by doxies, during a doxy infestation in the castle.[28] Later she helped Jacob's sibling and Victor Ketsueki clear out an infestation of doxies and their eggs in the Hogwarts kitchens, to help stop them infesting the whole school. She later watched Jacob's sibling exterminate the Doxy Queen in the Prefects' Bathroom with Doxycide.[9]

During this school year, she entered the seventh-year work experience programme at St Mungo's to learn how to become a healer.[29] During her time at the hospital, she helped Jacob's sibling investigate the cause of the laughing curse[30] and also helped Jacob's sibling discover who Burke was.[31]

Chiara holding a jar of the fungus that caused Scrofungulus

She also procured a jar of the contagious fungus that caused Scrofungulus, for Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde in the Hospital Wing in order to give to them, as Merula planned on missing an upcoming Wizengamot trial but wanted a legitimate excuse to do so, by claiming she had the said disease by presenting the jar to the Wizengamot, She explained the nature of Scrofungulus to the pair and warned them not to open the jar, as it was highly contagious and could be quite fatal, having gained knowledge of it by helping in the Hospital Wing the previous school year.[32]

Physical appearance

In human form, she was a young girl with light skin and blue eyes. She has pale lips, grey eyebrows, and short silver hair. Outside of class, she almost always wore a grey top, blue jeans, dark grey boots, and a moonstone pendant around her neck, as well as carried a small, dark grey satchel on her right shoulder. In her werewolf form, her silver fur colour matched her human hair colour.[4]

Chiara had a soft, mellow voice, and she was quieter than most of her peers.

Personality and traits

In many ways, Chiara Lobosca was an embodiment of contradiction to werewolf stereotypes, as well as an ideal Hufflepuff. She was very calm and collected, and unfailingly altruistic and compassionate. Indeed, she was said to have a better bedside manner than Poppy Pomfrey, the matron of the Hospital Wing, whom she had a good relationship with. Admitting that Remus Lupin made her realise just how many innocent werewolves were suffering on a monthly basis, Lobosca's ambition was to discover a less expensive and painful means than the Wolfsbane Potion for werewolves around the wizarding world.

However, her werewolf status made her extremely insecure and timid, and very mistrustful and testy. She was initially sceptical and reserved about Jacob's sibling, though she eventually accepted them as a friend, making her comparable to Talbott Winger, another isolationist who struggled to open up.

Chiara was also quite bookish and often found solace in reading. As a side effect of managing her affliction, she had a good understanding of the moon phases and its implications, and had an interest in Astronomy by extension. She was also the only student in her class to take Divination seriously, and was always eager to learn.

In her spare time, Chiara enjoyed baking, listening to punk music, and looking after the wolf Borf, who she had an affectionate relationship with. Chiara usually had an either serene, stoic or nervous demeanour; playing with Borf was one of the very few things known to make her laugh.

Magical abilities and skills


  • Chiara (Pronunciation: kee-AHR-a) is a name of Italian origin, meaning "light, clear".[35]
  • Lobosca seems to be derived from "lobo", a word that derives from the Latin lupus, and that means "wolf" in Spanish and Portuguese.

Behind the scenes

"Chiara Lobosca is a compassionate Hufflepuff who was bitten by a werewolf as a young child. Now that she's found a pack who accepts her, there's nothing she won't do to make you feel better."
— Chiara's character description[src]
  • Chiara is the first female werewolf named in canon.
  • It is not outright stated where Chiara stayed during her werewolf transformations in her Hogwarts years, although it was heavily implied to be the Forbidden Forest.
  • While her human form is much smaller than adult humans, her werewolf form is roughly the same size as other adult werewolves, although this might be modelling constraints.
  • Her quests, "Packmates" (sometimes referred to as "Lone Wolf") and "Howling Hallowe'en" may occur in either order. Though the overall outcome is not affected by the order, dialogue will change to reference previous events and Chiara will tell the player about her lycanthropy during the first quest.
  • Chiara becomes available as a romance option for the player with the release of the "Festival Fun" side quest. She is also available as a romance option in Valentine's day ball and An Enchnated Kiss.
  • While their normal attitude towards Divination is the opposite, Chiara's thoughts on Dream interpretation mirrors that of Harry Potter's. They both expressed that they already knew what their nightmares meant: Chiara's about being a werewolf, and Harry's about the murder of Cedric Diggory.
  • The reward for reaching Max Level friendship with Chiara is her necklace which can be worn in the necklace/scarf section.
  • Her specialty gift is 3 energy which can be claimed upon gaining 5000 friendship points after max level.
  • In the 3rd year anniversary trailer released by Jam City, similar to a pink version of Chiara's necklace was there. We do not yet know how this is tied to the plot and when it will appear.
  • Her favourite dessert is Pumpkin Pasties.
  • It is noted that Chiara has some traits in common with Remus Lupin and his son, [[Edward Lupin]Teddy Lupin]], the most obvious being that she suffers from lycanthropy, like Remus, and that she belongs to Hufflepuff, like Teddy.


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