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"Chizpurfles are parasites that are attracted to magic. Their carapaces are used as ingredients in certain potions but are particularly difficult to split open."
Folio Bruti[src]

The Chizpurfle was a type of very small magical parasite. Crab-like in appearance, this beast could grow up to a twentieth of an inch including its fangs. They were attracted to sources of magic and were commonly found in the fur and feathers of Crups and Augureys, respectively.[1] The carapaces and fangs[3] of the Chizpurfle were used in potion-making.[1]

Biology and habits

The appearance of the Chizpurfle

Chizpurfles were drawn to wizarding homes, with the intention of attacking magical objects within, for example wands, which they often bit once they found them, chewing through the wood to get to the wand core inside. Chizpurfles also settled in dirty cauldrons, feeding on the remnants of magical potions.[1] They were also attracted to spells, such as the Wand-Lighting Charm.[2]

In the absence of magic, Chizpurfles attacked Muggle items powered by electricity. This explained the sudden failure of various new electrical goods.[1]

Chizpurfle infestations were usually easily handled by patented potions on the market, but more severe infestations need to be dealt with by the Pest Sub-Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.[1]


The word "Chiz" is an English word for "cheat" or "swindle", presumably a cognate of "chisel". The word "Purfle" is a fur trimming border of a garment.

Behind the scenes

  • As they feed off of magic, Chizpurfles are thaumavores, and as they can also feed off of electricity, they are also electrovores, but they do prefer magic over electricity.
    • Somewhat replicating this, a strong source of magic can be used to attract and lure them; the console versions of Prisoner of Azkaban allows Ron to use Lumos Duo to lure Chizpurfles (which are harmless to the player) towards nearby Venomous Tentacula in order for them to consume the Chizpurfle and remove its carapace (whereupon they will spit it out for collection as a potion ingredient); the bites of a Venomous Tentacula are one of the few things strong enough to separate a Chizpurfle from its carapace.
  • In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Rowan Khanna says Rubeus Hagrid was once very upset and cried when he thought he trod on a Chizpurfle.


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