The Choking Spell (incantation unknown) was a spell that magically constricted the neck of the target in order to deprive them of the ability to breathe, blocking their airways as though strangling them with invisible hands. Due to its exclusively harmful effect, it could be presumed this is Dark Magic.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • It is unknown if Boggarts, by virtue of being a magical creature, have a rudimentary magic of their own, like Hags and Trolls, and if this is a spell exclusive to Boggarts. However, due to the fact that the boggart in question was capable of wielding a wand and cast the exact same Disarming Charm as witches and wizards could, it is possible that boggarts, when turning into a witch or wizard their victim fears, obtain a less potent duplication of their magical abilities. If such is the case, wizards can use it too.
  • The Boggart Voldemort appear to keep Barnaby Lee suspended in the air with his wand and choking him wandlessly with his outstretched hand. If that is the case, this is quite possibly the first time in canon where a witch or wizard have cast two spells at once.
  • Regardless, it is likely that the spell can be used to murder, if the caster uses it for a longer period of time, though it is not unreasonable to assume the person in question would have some degree of control over the amount of pressure they put on the windpipe of their intended victim, meaning death is a possibility but not a given.


Notes and references

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