The Christmas feast is held on Christmas Day. It is attended by the Professors and any students that have chosen to remain at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry over the Christmas holidays.


The feast is prepared by the House-elves in the kitchens, and consisted of a hundred fat, roast turkeys, mountains of roast and boiled potatoes, platters of fat chipolatas, tureens of buttered peas, silver boats of thick, rich gravy and cranberry sauce. For dessert, flaming Christmas puddings are served, with silver Sickles hidden within the pudding. Also on the tables are Wizard Crackers.[1]

Unlike their Muggle counterparts that contain plastic toys and paper hats, Wizard Crackers explode with a blast, like a cannon going off, and engulf the pullers in blue smoke. Inside can be found such delights as live mice, Wizard's Chess sets, and Grow-Your-Own-Warts kits, as well as real-sized hats and jokes.[1] Because of the small number of students that stayed for Christmas during Harry’s third year, the house tables were put to one side and a table for twelve set up in their place.[2]

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Behind the scenes

The Christmas feast is the only one which takes place during the school holidays. As such, the other feasts are usually attended by all students, with the exception of the 1997 End of Year feast.


Notes and references

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