"... holly hung around every doorway, and shining white Christmas trees covered in magical snow and icicles glittered in every corner, each topped with a gleaming gold star."
—The trees at St Mungo's in 1995

The trees in the Great Hall for the Yule Ball

Christmas tree refers to a decorated tree normally placed in the home to celebrate Christmas. In the muggle world, the tree is normally decorated with baubles and tinsel but in the magic world, they may have a magical twist.

Known trees


One of the Hogsmeade tree's in December 1993

In 1993, Hogsmeade decorated their trees with candles hanging in the trees. The Three Broomsticks also placed a tree in their pub, which was levitated a few inches from the ground by Hermione Granger to hide her and her friends from the view of teachers on a nearby table.[1]

In 1995, St Mungo's was decked with shining white Christmas trees with magical snow and glittering icicles topped with a golden star[2], while Grimmauld Place was decorated with a great Christmas tree with live fairies.[3]

In 1996, Harry Potter and Ron, Fred and George Weasley decorated their tree at The Burrow with a garden gnome instead of an angel, which they had stupefied, painted gold and put in a dress with small wings glued on, in revenge for biting Fred on the ankle. The gnome was said to be very ugly and angrily stared at them.[4]

In 1997, Godric's Hollow placed a tree by the memorial for James and Lily Potter with a baby Harry.[5]

Hogwarts celebrations


Seven of the trees in the Great Hall in December 1991

Every year at Hogwarts, twelve fir Christmas trees are placed in the Great Hall in mid-December. The Keeper of Keys and Grounds normally chops the trees down and brings them to the Great Hall where they are decorated by the teachers. Rubeus Hagrid had the job from at least 1991 until 1997. They were very tall compared to normal trees and were adorned with spectacular ornaments.

In 1991, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick decorated the trees with sparkling tiny icicles and hundreds of glittering candles.[6] In 1992, the trees were frost-covered.[7] In 1993, the trees were decked with glittering gold stars and in 1994, Hogwarts wanted to impress their guests and went above and beyond, decking the tree with holly berries and real, golden owls that hooted.[8]

Behind the scenes


Ron Weasley standing near the Gryffindor Christmas tree


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