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"'R' promised to take a life, and they did. I thought telling fewer of you would protect more of you... Rowan's death taught me otherwise. The best, and possibly only, chance we have to take down 'R' is if all of us unite against them."
Jacob's sibling states the groups intentions at its founding.[src]

The Circle of Khanna was a secret organisation founded by Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde. Its goal was to avenge the death of Rowan Khanna by fighting R and locating the final Cursed Vault. The group was formed in Hog's Head Inn, where the three informed their friends about R. The group was named by Ben.[1]


1989–1990 school year

Rowan Khanna's death

Sometime during the school year, Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde, and Ben Copper went into the Forest Grove to intercept a possible meeting between Jacob and R, unknowingly being followed from a close distance behind them by their friend, Rowan Khanna. During the search, a swarm of dementors showed up and circled the group. However, the Dark Witch Patricia Rakepick apparated into the vicinity and cast a powerful Patronus Charm, which warded off all of the dementors. She then engaged in a duel with the students, which was watched by Rowan. At some point in the duel, she cast a Killing Curse at Ben, intending to kill him. However, Rowan sacrificed their life for Ben by pushing him out of the way and getting hit by the curse themself.[2]

Period of mourning

Hogwarts Students and staff raise their wand as a tribute to Rowan

Rowan's death struck the entirety of Hogwarts as an extremely painful event and their death was mourned by all of their friends, who found it difficult to come to terms with their tragic loss. In particular, to suffer were Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde, all of whom had watched them die. A memorial service took place in the Great Hall, where Professor Dumbledore gave a brief eulogy of Rowan's life, aspirations and sacrifice before leading the students and staff in raising their wands as a tribute to Rowan.[3]


Jacob's sibling gathered their friends for a meeting in the Hog's Head Inn, where they, along with Merula Snyde and Ben Copper, explained to the group about R. Jae Kim asked how they would refer to the group outside meetings.Tulip Karasu suggesting a code word, however Barnaby Lee suggested a secret society name. Ben then came up with the name "Circle of Khanna", after Rowan, in whose memory the group was formed. The name was then agreed upon by the group, who kept the name from then and on.[1]

First tasks

After the forming of the group, all members with the exception of Jacob's sibling and Penny Haywood split into smaller groups based on their abilities and interests. Each group went into a different location in or near Hogwarts Castle.[1]

One such group consisted of Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk, who went to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom along with Beatrice Haywood, who found about the Circle of Khanna from the two and showed interest in joining. The three studied curses and dark artefacts, as this knowledge could be useful for entering a Cursed Vault. Sometime later, Jacob's sibling came to the classroom to see how the group was doing and was surprised to find Beatrice, as the group was meant to be secret. Not long after, Penny came to the classroom, as she heard from Cedric Diggory that Beatrice had gone there. Penny and Beatrice made up after their feud which had started at the beginning of the school year.[1]

Another group gathered in the Transfiguration classroom. This group consisted of Jae Kim, Nymphadora Tonks, Tulip Karasu, and Andre Egwu, and focused on disguises and stealth. When Jae went to the Transfiguration classroom, he was followed by Fred and George Weasley, who were interested in joining the Circle of Khanna. Jae went to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom to ask if the twins could join the Circle of Khanna as well. As he entered the classroom, he saw Beatrice accepted as a member and came to the conclusion that Fred and George could join as well as they were also younger students. Jacob's sibling followed Jae to the Transfiguration classroom, where the other students explained their plans to Jacob's sibling.[1]

Charlie Weasley, Liz Tuttle, and Barnaby Lee gathered on the school grounds where Care of Magical Creatures classes were held. The three decided to train marine creatures, specifically Plimpies and Murtlaps, as they could be helpful for finding the final Cursed Vault. However, as one of the Murtlaps, Hester, went missing, Charlie went to look for Jacob's sibling for help, and found them in the Transfiguration classroom. The two went back to the school grounds where they looked for Hester until they were able to find her.[1]

Talbott Winger and Badeea Ali teamed up to make a Map of the Great Lake, which could be helpful in figuring out the location of the final Cursed Vault. Talbott scoured the area for any landmarks and Badeea painted the lake. The two went to the Hogwarts Library in order to work on their painting. Sometime later, Jacob's sibling came to the Library and saw the two. Badeea and Talbott explained their plan to Jacob's sibling. However, librarian Irma Pince did not approve of the students talking and painting in the library, and as such, they decided to continue on the Training Grounds.[1]

Ben Copper decided to invite his friend Cedric Diggory to the Circle of Khanna, seeing that his good duelling skills could help the group. The two, along with Diego Caplan, went to the Training Grounds in order to train duelling spells. After the three had trained for hours, Jacob's sibling, who had agreed to meet Talbott and Badeea in the area, spotted the three students.[1]

Recruiting Chiara

During duelling training, Cedric had his arm broken and was sent to the Hospital Wing. As Poppy Pomfrey was petrified at the time, Chiara Lobosca took care of him. Jacob's sibling came to the Hospital Wing to visit him. As Jacob's sibling mentioned the Circle of Khanna, Chiara wondered what it was. Jacob's sibling remembered that Chiara had not shown up to the Hog's Head Inn on the day of the group's founding, which left Jacob's sibling surprised since they had invited her. Jacob's sibling and Cedric both wanted Chiara to join the group, but Chiara was busy taking care of students. Jacob's sibling agreed to help Chiara.[4]

After taking care of students, Jacob's sibling tried to ask Chiara to join the Circle of Khanna again, to which Chiara responded that she was unsure whether she should join. This left Jacob's sibling surprised, as they knew Chiara was dedicated to saving Hogwarts. Chiara decided that the two should talk about it in private.[4]

The two met up in the Great Hall after it had cleared up enough for them to sit down without any students nearby. Chiara explained that she was worried people would find out she was a werewolf and that she would hurt others if she lost control of herself. Jacob's sibling managed to convince Chiara to join the Circle of Khanna.[4]

Known members

So far, only the leaders and founding members appeared in their meetings in Hog's Head Inn; Chiara Lobosca was invited to be a founding member but did not attend.


Founding members

Other members


Behind the scenes

  • The group had many similarities to that of Dumbledore's Army. Some of these include:
    • The group was created and led by students.
    • The group was formed and held its first meeting in the Hog's Head Inn.
    • The group was kept a secret from the staff and most students.
    • The tragic death of a student was one of the inspirations of the formation of these groups
  • Fred and George Weasley were members to both the Circle of Khanna and Dumbledore's Army.


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