Clarisse Lestrange (née Tremblay) was a witch and a member of the pure-blood Lestrange family. She was the daughter of Bernard Tremblay and Leonie Lestrange. She had brother Falco. She married Corvus Lestrange and had a son with him Corvus.[3][4][5]


Clarisse Tremblay was the second wife of Corvus Lestrange.[5] In the early 1900s, she gave birth to a son, named Corvus after his father.[5] At some point thereafter, her son was separated from his family.[3][4]


  • The name Clarisse stems from the Latin word "clarus", meaning "bright or clear."
  • Tremblay is a topographical name that stems from the Old French word "tremblaie", meaning "aspen" or "a place planted with aspens."

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