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The Cleansweep Five

The Cleansweep Broom Company was a broomstick company founded by Bob, Bill, and Barnaby Ollerton in 1926. The company was the first to develop brooms specially for broom sports, and were the first company to begin mass-producing broomsticks.


They released the Cleansweep One in 1926, and it was a runway success. The Cleansweep Two was released in 1934, and the Cleansweep Three in 1937. Several more models were released, the latest being the Cleansweep Eleven. During their early years, the company had a fierce rivalry with the Comet Trading Company.[1]

Fred and George Weasley fly Cleansweep brooms, this was mentioned before a Quidditch practise in 1992.[2]

The Ravenclaw team is said to have the latest model Cleansweep brooms in Harry Potter's third year (although in the next chapter their Seeker Cho Chang is actually flying a Comet 260).[3][4]

Madam Hooch notes that Cleansweeps have thicker handles than a Firebolt when examining Harry's new Firebolt.[4]

Ron Weasley gets a new Cleansweep broom in his fifth year. He receives this as a gift for becoming a Gryffindor prefect, alongside Hermione Granger.[5]

In an article published in The Quibbler, a wizard claimed to have flown to the moon on a Cleansweep broom.[6] This is most likely untrue for obvious reasons.

A Cleansweep broom ridden by Holyhead Harpies captain Gwendolyn Morgan, featured in one of the finest Quidditch games ever seen in 1953.[7]

Two Cleansweeps ended up in the River Mersey when rushing to get to the last of Celestina Warbeck's Flighty Aphrodite concerts.[8][9]

Splinter and Kreek's, presumably a second-hand broom shop (though it's possible they sell new brooms as well) sells secondhand Cleansweep brooms.[10]



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