The Cleansweep Eleven was a broomstick produced by the Cleansweep Broom Company in or before 1995. Made from Spanish oak, the broom came equipped with an anti-jinx varnish and a built-in vibration control feature. It could accelerate from nought to seventy miles per hour in ten seconds.[1]

Known owners

  • In the summer of 1995, Ron Weasley was given a Cleansweep Eleven as a present from his parents for becoming a Prefect (although the price made his mother Molly Weasley hesitate slightly deciding whether to buy it or not).[1] He used it when he played as Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.[2] Ron won two Hogwarts Quidditch Cups with his Cleansweep Eleven.

Behind the scenes

  • There is a gap between the Cleansweep Seven and Eleven for models Eight, Nine, and Ten, as they are unmentioned anywhere, in addition to the Cleansweep Four, assuming that these models exist.


Notes and references

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