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The Comet 220 was a broomstick manufactured by the Comet Trading Company.


Case of the Missing Comet[]

Crup pups chewing on 220

Hagrid's crup puppies teething on the Comet 220

Skye Parkin owned a Comet 220, which was handed down to her by her family, and sometimes used it when playing Quidditch. After Skye's first house match, she received a new Comet 260 from her father, and so no longer needed the old Comet 220.[2]

She decided to give the broomstick to her friend and protegee Jacob's sibling as the student had no broom of their own. However, when she was about to show the broom to the student, she noticed it was gone. Skye suspected that Erika Rath, a player for an opposing house, had stolen it. This proved not to be the case.[2]

Several crup puppies that Hagrid had been taking care of were teething. They had gotten ahold of the broom and chewed it to destruction. Hagrid felt responsible and, with the support of the house team, he and Madam Hooch arranged for Jacob's sibling to receive a Comet 260 in replacement.[2]

On the Daily Prophet[]

The broom was mentioned in an advertisement for the second-hand broom shop Splinter and Kreek's that was printed in the Daily Prophet.[1]

Known owners[]


Notes and references[]

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