A computer is a Muggle machine designed to interpret and carry out a string of operations inputted by the user, and is used to store receive and send information, as well as for recreation (e.g. Internet, videogames etc.) .[1] The Dursleys owned a computer, which Dudley Dursley often played games on. A photograph at 4 Privet Drive depicted Dudley playing a computer game with his father and on his eleventh birthday in 1991, he received a new computer to replace the old one, as well as sixteen new computer games.[2] It is possible that computers are a Muggle invention that cannot be fully duplicated with magic.[3]

Computers are one of numerous devices that may not work in magical environments such as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because they are powered by electricity.[4] However, the main reason the wizarding world appears to shun computers and similar muggle devices is cultural. The internet is not particularly interesting to most witches and wizards, given the other means of communication and news production available to them. While some wizards will use computers, most either consider it a curiosity or something to be utilised for research into Muggle Studies.[5]

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