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Corey Hayden was a wizard or witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984 to 1991 and was Sorted into Gryffindor. They were Head Boy or Girl during the 1990–1991 school year.[2]


Hogwarts years (19841991)

Corey began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 and was Sorted into Gryffindor.[2] In their third year, Corey took Muggle Studies as one of their electives.[4] In their seventh year, they were appointed Head Boy or Girl.[2]

Seventh year

Corey had an interest in magical history, and at the start of the 1990–1991 school year, they were seen talking to a crowd about Emeric the Evil in the History of Magic Classroom. Tulip Karasu introduced Jacob's sibling to them, who despite also being Head Boy or Girl had never formally met them.[2]

Later, when Jacob's sibling wanted to study wandless magic but couldn't enter the Restricted Section where all the books about it resided, Corey told them a little bit about it themselves and used the Exploding Charm in the Library out of the blue, gaining Jacob's sibling access to the Kitchens for both detention and the opportunity to talk to house-elves who were regular users of wandless magic.[5]

After the long-anticipated wandless duel between Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde took place, Corey revealed they knew something was off with Merula. They later explained that they came to the conclusion by observing Jacob's sibling's behaviour in their interactions with them and Merula. Corey decided they wanted to team up with Jacob's sibling in solving the mystery, so Jacob's sibling told them about Merula's resolve in joining R. Corey then attended Muggle Studies class with Jacob's sibling while spying on Merula. During the whole lesson, Merula was taking notes, but at the end turned it into a black quill that looked like R's, and secretly passed it to Ismelda. Jacob's sibling then left to follow Ismelda to the owlery. They later came back and told Corey the letter was about a secret meeting in the Artefact Room.[4]

At night, Corey put on an invisibility cloak with Jacob's sibling and waited outside the room, during which they talked about The Detective Files of Conebush and Persimmons and the lessons they had learnt from it, including that the guilty wasn't necessarily the first suspect. They then saw Merula heading to the Artefact Room with a figure in a black cloak, but before they could get close enough, Argus Filch stopped them and made them turn around. When Filch was finally gone, they headed to the Artefact Room and caught Merula and Badeea Ali in it. They explained that Badeea was only Merula's Charms tutor and had been secretly helping her due to it being "humiliating". The next day, Corey and Jacob's sibling reviewed the information they had so far.[4]

When Jacob's sibling went back to Hogwarts from the Ministry, they updated them with their experience of participating in the student assignment programme, including information of the curse on the enchanted windows (which later turned out to be the Atmospheric Charm) and the infiltration by an unidentified Metamorphmagus. Corey suspected the Dark Witch in Knockturn Alley to be this Metamorphmagus based on the description of her transformation in the previous school year given by Jacob's sibling.[6]

In the Library, after Jacob's sibling and Liz Tuttle researched Wampus cats for their new assignment, Corey caught Jacob's sibling up with recent investigations.[7]

At some point later, Corey intercepted a note (transfigured as a quill) from Merula, which said that she wouldn't put her friends in danger again. Jacob's sibling met with Corey in Three Broomsticks and talked about the phoenix feather wand stolen from Ollivanders and the note Corey intercepted.[3]

Before the Wizengamot trial of the white-robed wizard, Jacob's sibling spoke to Corey about Merula in the Great Hall. The two noticed Victor Ketsueki, a Ravenclaw student in their year, talking to a bunch of students about his experience as a vampire. They then went to the Whomping Willow and found another note which warned the receiver not to cross "us". It was likely a reply to Merula's note about not putting her friends in danger, suggesting that Merula and R may not have now been completely on the same side. Just as they Untransfigured it back to a black quill, Merula arrived and confronted them, but they fobbed her off and soon left. The two then discussed the note and Merula in the Artefact Room, and thought it would be a good idea to ask Merula to become a double agent. Suddenly, a Doxy flew out and bit Corey.[8]

Magical abilities and skills

Behind the scenes


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